September Articles


A Walk in the Woods

Hiking Browning Mill Pond and Stepping Stone Falls

Hiking has always been a passion of mine. Since I can remember, I loved to explore the dark and daring spaces of the daunting woods. Being the imaginative child that I was, I would envision large grizzly bears prowling the woods surrounding my house and even heard a growl or two as I ventured a [...]

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A Presentation of "Trois Venues"

  Have you ever traveled to Europe and explored the city squares of Italy or France? Dotted along St. Mark’s Square, around the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and in small groups peering up at the grandiose Eiffel Tower in Paris, you’ll find a communal gathering of people leisurely strolling for a daytime or evening promenade. [...]

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“Wheeling” Around Romantic Block Island

Enjoying Mopeds With My Favorite Guys

  Pristine waters lapped against the numerous sailboats resting in the harbor of Block Island as a seagull floats gently to one of the masts, securing his majestic stance for all the other gulls to see. The taste of salt-water still lingers on our lips as we make our way from the ferry, docked in [...]

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Invasion of the Texas Steakhouses

Finding a bit of the Lone Star State in Rhode Island

    I remember restaurants that were different, purposefully different — “The Magic Time Machine” with waiters in costumes and each booth decorated like a different movie set, “Old Spaghetti Warehouse” where you could sit in a trolly car or in booth constructed from an old brass bed, “China Palace” where each booth looked like [...]

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Hiking in the Sand

Oakland Beach offers exercise, scenery, and fun

When you think of hiking, you usually think of an outdoor adventure through a thick, densely wooded area, requiring adequate clothing, boots, insect repellent, a back pack, and water. You might have to climb over tree limbs, roots and rocks to make your way and eventually you come out back where you started. But what [...]

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Beating the Post Vacation Blues

Post-holiday Depression

  Your long-awaited vacation was everything you could have hoped for – – great weather, relaxation, fun. But now its over, and your high spirits have taken a nose dive. If you had such a great time, why do you feel so bad?   Feeling blue after a vacation is not unusual, says Elaine Poncelet, [...]

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And Beyond RI

Finding Your Muse

  A weekend in Gloucester doesn’t just mean a chance to escape the city and enjoy the ocean breezes. A New England fishing village dating from the colonial era, Gloucester is blessed with a beautiful seaside that attracted tourists almost as soon as the nation had tourists, and those tourists brought a demand for the [...]

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Travel Product Reviews

Teaching the Kids to Grow

Soilless planting with DuneCraft

There’s a special joy in growing a plant from seed. Starting with a tiny dry pellet, with a bit of nurturing, and growing into a beautiful flower or perhaps even a plant that provides food gives that unique blessing of being a provider of life, no matter who you are. The folks at DuneCraft have [...]

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A Brush For Wet Hair

Packing the Wet Brush for a weekend getaway

While traveling is one of the greatest joys in life, there is always the dreaded chore of what to pack.  Besides the clothes and cosmetics that have to be packed there are other items that I don’t normally think of until there is the need for it.  The excitement of discovering a new place turns nerve-jangling when I [...]

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Great Mornings

Enjoying Morninga

My mother always told me when I was growing up that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I passed down that piece of information to my own children and hopefully they will do the same for theirs. Now, I must state that Pop-Tarts, streusel and high sugared cereals weren’t things that I [...]

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Pistachio Snack Bar?

Enjoying Pistachio Bites

When it comes to snacking, I have to say I love pistachio nuts. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that my favorite color is green and so is a pistachio nut, but they just taste so darn good! Once a bag of pistachio nuts is placed in front of me I have [...]

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Hold it with a Shouldit

A scarf with hidden pockets

I just hate carrying a purse; absolutely hate it! It is always slipping off my shoulder when I am walking somewhere and then it flops in front of me and I get all tangled up and, more than I can say, frustrated! Or, struggling at the checkout line trying to shove everything back into my [...]

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Dressing Up that Favorite Outfit

Exquisite Handmade Jewelry From Margie Edwards Designs

How many women love to dress up for a special occasion? I mean, dressing-up, with the dress, shoes and just the right pieces of jewelry to accentuate the whole outfit. Imagine walking into that room looking like you just won the lottery and every heard turn as you make your way across the floor. Aren’t [...]

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Salads Taste Better

Salad dressings from San-J

I wonder how many people can honestly say that they love to eat salad on a daily basis. I don’t mean just lettuce and tomato because that isn’t a salad to me, but with lots of vegetables, cheeses, olives, nuts, sunflower seeds and croutons. Now that’s a salad! Anyway, how many say that they can [...]

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Morning Coffee Just Got Easier!

Enjoy Jiva Coffee Cubes

When I wake up in the morning, I leave just the right amount of time for me to get ready so I don’t get distracted. That means that I have to have practically everything ready the night before; even my lunch (unless something needs refrigerating). I have everything set out for the next morning so [...]

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Spice Up That Meal

Testing Teeny Tiny Spices from Vermont

There’s a lot to be said about those that love to cook; any day, any time, they just love to cook. And, I happen to be one of those that ‘love to cook.’ I’ve been told, however, that the one thing I need to work a little is the seasonings. I either add too much, [...]

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Beautiful skin within a fraction of time!

Testing Amarte Skin Products

Having beautiful skin these days takes a lot of hard work, right? I mean, there’s the cleanser, then the toner, then the lifter, then the night cover up (er), and so on and so on. That does sound like a lot of work to me; much more than I would be willing to do to [...]

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