Traveling with your kids just got a little better

Thanks to the National Geographic Almanac


Going on a family vacation is one of the best part of being a parent. All that planning and packing and who’s going to watch the cat and what about the mail and did will fill up the car yet and… well, it can get a little hectic at times but in the end, it’s all worth it, right? The kids are in the back with all their snacks, the dog is gnawing on his bone and away we go. And then about 15 minutes into the trip we hear the, “Are we there yet”, over and over and over. How can we make sure that the kids stay entertained?

National Geographic has produced an Almanac that is designed to entertain children of all ages for hours! Maps of the entire world and their flags, the continents, different landforms and plenty of animal images are just the beginning in this fun filled almanac for children. There are even games that will make the long road trip seem like just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Learn about the presidents of the USA, our planets, different foods from other cultures, Buckingham Palace, Antarctica, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Sudan, and even where to find the wildest roller coasters in the world! The National Geographic Kids Almanac for 2016 has such a vast variety of interests that will keep the kids entertained for hours and hours. What’s better than that!

This Almanac is just filled with so many facts, fun and games that I couldn’t put it down. The way the book is designed with vivid colors, easy to read descriptions and eye-catching stories, I know any child (or adult) will be engrossed in the book for hours. I would highly recommend this book to any parents that want to keep their children informed about the world (and quiet for the long road ahead).

The National Geographic Kids Almanac for 2016 can be purchased online from the National Geographic website at:—hardcover. The Almanac can also be purchased at and various other sites. Prices range from $10.84 – $21.99. Check your local bookstores to see if they have a copy. It’s well worth the investment!

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