That Special Gift in a Jiffee… I mean YIFTEE

Local gifts, remotely

Modern electronics offer all sorts of conveniences to our fingertips.  It seems that every time I turn around there is something newer and more innovative that has been produced that will make our lives easier.  Technology is here to stay, so I make the best of it. With the holidays almost here, I purchase most of my Christmas gifts online especially after breaking my ankle Thanksgiving weekend. Technology again! If electronics can make my life easier, I will use it.

Ever hear of the word “Jiffy” used somewhere in your life?  I associate it with getting something almost instantly. Now, have you heard of “”?  Since it sounds almost like the word “Jiffy”, it uses the same concept of getting something almost instantly.   It involves shopping; shopping with local businesses and sending a gift to someone special.  I’m all set with this idea!

I’d often love to give a gift card to a neat place to eat or spa, but even if I choose a national chain, there’s no guarantee that there’s one of those happens to be local to the person I hope to thrill.  Yiftee fixes that problem and goes farther — not only does it identify what restaurants are local, it also has a selection of local businesses to choose from.  Why give a gift card to Red Lobster when you can give a gift card to Joe Bob’s Shrimp Shack, right in the recipient’s neighborhood?

How Yiftee works is pretty simple.  Either from your phone or computer, visit the website.  Click on the option that says ‘send a gift’ and that will bring you to a page where you would select a friend or a gift first.  If it is a gift first, it will ask you to plug in a zip code for vendors near your gift recipient. Select the vendor and then select the dollar amount of the gift.  There is a convenience fee so don’t be alarmed when you see an extra amount at checkout.  The recipient will be notified either by text, email at home or email on their phone that a gift has been sent to them.

When your recipient wants to redeem the gift, please let them know that they need to use the whole amount of the gift.  It doesn’t work like a gift card where if there is a balance left, that can be used later.  If your friend doesn’t use the whole amount, then the amount left over cannot be redeemed for a later time.  Something to consider.

We tested it Yiftee with a $15 gift card at TGI Friday’s.  We printed the certificate and brought it with us for a quick dinner out.  Everything went very smoothly, with $15 taken off the final bill, no muss no fuss.

If you want to remember someone quickly with just the touch of your fingertips, then Yiftee is the way to go.  For those last minute shoppers, this might be a good option to use to send someone special something special.

For more information on how this works, please visit their website at:

Merry Christmas everyone!

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