Can you believe that “SeaSnax” is made from seaweed?

When I was asked to sample a new product that was made from something that I didn’t expect to be palatable, I wasn’t sure what to say. It was made from seaweed, (or as the producers of Seasnax refer to as sea vegetables). Yes, I know, the material that grows in the ocean is what they wanted me to eat. However, it wasn’t just any type of seaweed — it was flavored seaweed, which made me more interested. My view of seaweed has been that straggly red and green material that gets in the way when you are trying to swim in the ocean. However, being an open-minded person I agreed to sample Seasnax for myself.

When an item is sent to me to be reviewed, I usually receive one, maybe two items at the most from the manufacturers. That wasn’t the case from this company! The package that they sent contained more than 20 different colorful samples of spicy, juicy, salty, coarse and fruity tasting seaweed snacks! I was really impressed with the selection because I knew I was going to have to sample a lot of seaweed to be truthful of how it really tasted. Now became the challenge of deciding what one to snack on first!

I was concerned about the texture of the first product as it was a very thin sheet of dried seaweed shaped into small rectangles. It even felt a little slippery to the touch and really looked like seaweed. The wasabi spice sample wasn’t overpowering, (which has been the case on many other occasions with wasabi and myself), and that was rather pleasant because I could continue to enjoy the snack without having to take a break in between.

I had to say that after one small sheet of this snack, my taste buds actually wanted more! I could really taste the seaweed on that very first bite! Each sheet that I sampled afterwards was the same way. After I finished the wasabi sample, I then went on to sample the onion packet, the chipotle, the organic and then the plain seaweed one. I just was in total amazement on how incredible they all tasted, (especially the wasabi which remains my favorite).

There was also another sample of the seaweed product that I tremendously enjoyed and it was called Chomperz. I was given the onion and jalapeno flavored snacks for samples. These were quite different than the other seaweed snacks because they looked more like a chip rather than a piece of seaweed. It is seaweed, but it is wrapped in rice flour, seasoned with spices and then it was probably baked. They were bite sized and easy to carry in a purse or a pocket. I really enjoyed these probably a little more than the seaweed squares. I just preferred the blend of seaweed with not just spices, but also with rice flour, giving it more bulk to the snack.

I enjoyed reading about how this idea was formulated by a young Korean woman that was studying acupuncture, become pregnant while in college and decided that she wanted to develop something that was good for both her and the baby. Being Korean, she was use to eating sea vegetables (seaweed) so the whole concept of making seaweed into a snack just seemed normal to her. Therefore, the birth of Seasnax was no longer just a dream but a reality. Not only is it popular in Asia, but in other parts of the world, including here in America.

I really enjoyed this “sea vegetable” snack. I’m not sure if everyone will feel the same way as I do because they probably wouldn’t be able to get past the whole idea of eating seaweed. However, it is good for you, doesn’t contain gluten or any GMOs, is priced reasonably and can be purchased in stores or online. I would recommend doing some research on the website to find out about this nutritious snack, where it can be purchased and why sea vegetables can taste so darn good!

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