Safe “Under” All Situations

Undergarmets with hidden pockets from Clever Travel Companion

There have been many time in my travels that I was always, and I do mean always, concerned about where to put my money that would keep it safe.   Years ago, I only worried about the cash, and relied on travler’s checks, but now stollen identification papers can be a lot more valuable to a thief and a whole lot more disaterous to your life than a little lost cash.   I tried wearing one of those wallets that has two long ties, draped around my neck like a necklace of sorts.  And  I try wearing my pocketbook, criss-crossed across my body,  but it always in the way. In short — security while I travel is a pain.

It always amazes me that there are so many creative people out in the world that come up with such unique ideas to make our lives easier.  That is exactly what the Clever Travel Companion did by making a product that keeps our valuables safe and secure when venturing around the world.  Just exactly what they designed is one of those things I can imagine myself saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Exactly!  Why didn’t I ever come up with the idea of making undergarments that have little pockets with zippers on both the tops and bottoms for men and for women?   Well, I didn’t, but the Clever Travel Companion did just that.

The Clever Travel Companion carries a complete line of undergarments for both men and women.  Since the undergarments are meant to keep our valuables safe, the designs are practical (no bikinis or tighty-whities).  Tank tops, boxer shorts, T-shirts and even long johns are designed with either one or two pockets to carry a credit cards and money.  The pockets are even big enough to carry your passport!

I had the pleasure of trying the women’s underwear (boy short style), and the tank top.  The tank top had a large zipper compartment that was big enough to carry a passport (which I always tend to misplace somewhere in the bottom of my suitcase)!  The boy’s shorts also had a zipper compartment that was a tiny bit smaller than the tank top, but it still could hold a passport, credit card, driver’s license and even cash.

When I was wearing the undergarments, I put a driver’s license in the tank top and cash in the shorts.  I definitely couldn’t feel the cash that was in the shorts because cash is more flexible than a credit card or license, but I could feel the license in the tank top. That didn’t matter to me because I knew my valuables were going to be safe.  I didn’t have to fuss with a fanny pack or a money belt, which I found to be bothersome because it seemed to be too constricted whenever I tried to get something out of it. The Travel Companion tank top and the boys shorts were just right.

The garments are made mostly of 100% cotton, with a small amount of spandex in some of the items.

The color choices vary so check before ordering to make sure they have the right cover.  I found the top and boys shorts to be very comfortable and I could move around freely.  Washing is easy and drying is easy; wash in warm water with like colors and tumble dry on low, or hand dry, which keeps the spandex to last longer.

Pricing is reasonable, ranging from $23 – $35.  They are well worth the price just knowing that your valuables are being kept safe, even from the most talented pickpocket.  Shipping is free on orders of $75 or more.  Please visit their website at: for more information.  Being safe is what it’s all about!


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