Pure Water with Every Sip

Testing the Zerowater self-filtering tumbler


Water is essential for the human body to survive. Considering that the body is made up of approximately 65% water, drinking water on a daily basis helps the body function better. More and more people are drinking water daily and they do so in a number of different ways. Bottled water, water filtration systems in their home, filtered water from the faucet or from a filtered water pitcher, thermoses filled with water or plain old water from the tap.

Nowadays, it seems that many people want the purest clean water that they can get. They can do so by the different ways listed above, which can be costly to some, or drinking from the faucet. What about just drinking water from the faucet, anytime or anywhere that you please? Zerowater has the solution to that problem.

Zerowater is a leader in supplying to consumers some of the best filtrating systems in the USA. Zerowater removes 99.6% dissolved solids, metals and other elements from the water. It uses “FIVE sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids” from the water, resulting in pure, clean water.

Zerowater also offers a “portable” solution for filtered water; a 26oz tumbler with the five stage filter inside. It comes in two colors, blue or silver, is made of a durable and convenient hard plastic, has a matching lid and straw and sells for $14.99 at many retailers.

I tried the Zerowater tumbler and did enjoy the taste of pure, clean water. The filter was easy to install and didn’t require any pre-rinsing as many filters do. I was surprised at how large the filter was and how much space it required inside the tumbler. Instead of 26oz of water, I probably only had about 18 oz of water. There was room for some ice, but not a lot. I know the filter has to be large because of the filtering system and that’s why it takes up so much room, so this is for someone who has plenty of opportunity to refill frequently, but also cares about very pure water.

Zerowater can be purchased at many different retailers, such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Home Deport, Target, and the list goes on. Please visit their website at: www.zerowater.com for more information.

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