Perks and Corks

A bit of laidback fun waiting to be discovered…

When I visit Westerly, I feel like I am entering another state all together. Westerly has its own eccentric qualities that aren’t like any other city or town in Rhode Island. Being an artist, I love to visit Westerly, filled with all of its art galleries, coffee shops, boutiques, along with it’s Five and Dime store and the beautiful Wilcox Park. I feel quite at home when in Westerly, because I can be free spirited and creative. Many artists also tend to flock to this community for that same reason, many of them making Perks and Corks their own living room.

There’s always something new going on in Westerly, driving its popularity. Tourists usually are well entertained with the theaters, library events, and fantastic shopping selections. And, there’s always a place to stop for a refreshments and entertainment. My husband and I happened upon a place that was just perfect, even if you don’t happen to be an artist. It’s called “Perks and Corks” and it is located at 48 High Street, just past the library on your left hand side.

This eccentric little café caters to those that like their coffee, (therefore the name “Perks”), an occasional glass of wine, (the “Corks” part of the name), and of course, some fantastic munchies. But much more than that, it is the completely atmosphere that entices you to sit on one of their over stuffed couches tucked away in the corner for privacy, complete with fringed lamps, bizarre tables and find yourself serenaded by local bands jamming away for some afternoon fun. The barrista is fully knowledgeable in the types of wines that are available, letting us sample some of the different varieties available for sale. They were very proud of thier house red wine, a surrah blend. And, of course, that ever-relaxing cup of coffee after a glass or two of wine just hits the spot.

The music part of this little café, (seating for approximately 25), is an ongoing event, with a different offering every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. A place where you can just chill out, be yourself and enjoy the comforts of home sounds exactly like the place I’d like to be, and hopefully you will feel that way, too.

So, get out for some good old laid back fun by visiting Perks and Corks at 48 High Street, Westerly, RI and tell them that Linda sent you. Please check their website at “” for available dates and times of the performances. It is well worth checking! Enjoy!

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