In With The New

New Year, New Beginnings and New Places to See

When a new year begins, we all promise ourselves that we are going to change. We promise that we will loose weight, or get a new job, or start a new relationship. Maybe we will promise ourselves that we will finally start to save some money, or go out less, or visit old friends. Or we might even decide that it’s time we finally stopped procrastinating and went on that much-needed vacation.

Okay, so now you’ve decided that you will start the New Year with a new place to visit. You’ve been to the Rocky Mountains, California beaches and maybe even Europe or the Mideast. But now, being a little bit older maybe or looking for something not-so-extravagant, you decide to downsize your vacation options and start looking for something more quaint and cozy…

Maybe a trip to the New England area is exactly what you are looking for.

There are quite a few states in the New England area, but you aren’t sure which one you want to visit. How about Maine and try some delicious lobsters or Vermont and visit Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory? Maybe New Hampshire with its picturesque mountain scenery or Massachusetts with its rich heritage? Or even Connecticut, with its wide variety of places to visit (especially the casinos, if you would like a little gambling). Anything appeal to you yet?

But we’re forgetting one tiny little state that has just about everything you can imagine and it’s not far from where you are at this moment. “What could that be?” you ask yourself.

Why, it’s good old ‘Little Rhody’, known for its shoreline, waterfires, Newport mansions and many, many more exciting places! And, you can get to ‘Lil’ Rhody’ by boat, plane, motorcycle, car, bicycle, trailer or even walking, since we are only 34 miles long!

Rhode Island is a wonderful place to visit and even reside if you choose to do so. Yep, I am a little partial, since I have been a resident of Rhode Island all of my life. Speaking of that, it seems that people born and bred in Rhode Island just don’t want to leave. I can understand why, with its pristine shore lines, mouth watering clam bakes, sultry Providence waterfires, and historical scenery just about everywhere you turn!

We have all the seasons here in Rhode Island; well, most of them, considering our abnormally warm winter months these past few years. Even though people tend to hibernate in the gray winter days, many venture out for the festivities that are always taking place in Rhode Island. Try ice skating at the Fleet Skating Rink (woops, “Bank of America CITY Center”… not even “skating” anymore), or swimming with the Polar Bear Club in Newport. Maybe a little ice fishing or walks through Garden City, stopping for hot chocolate at Starbucks around the corner.

When it does finally snow, and it will despite global warming, sledding is as normal as washing your clothes in Rhode Island. Just about everywhere you look, someone is sledding on something on some sort of hill, traveling at some sort of speed. Yeah, you can get kind of damp after 3 or 4 hours of sledding, but its worth the effort, knowing that a steaming cup of hot chocolate is waiting for you back home (with marshmallow fluff, of course).

Spring is pretty nice in Rhode Island, starting in February with the Flower Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center, or the decorative gardens in Newport, Providence, South County and the local neighborhood yards. There are all kinds of outdoor events taking place in the Spring, centering on the flowering plants that are blossoming everywhere. Spring usually goes by pretty fast these days, jumping right into summer before we can even take a breath.

Then there are the summers, which are usually pretty hot, but we can always cool off by visiting the oceans in the southern part of the state. These days, the beaches are pretty much blanket-to-blanket families, but with a little creativity you can still find a spot along the shoreline that no human being has ventured. The mansions in Newport are alive with festivities, tours, parties and yachting events that will keep you pretty busy in the summer. There are always clambakes going on somewhere in the state, and maybe even a bonfire or two, if you’re lucky!

And then there is autumn, with painted leaves and trees dipping to the earth to drop their weathered buds. The smell of baked apple pies and freshly squeezed apple cider permeates the air when visiting the northern part of the state. Bazaars are abundant, while people look for that special gift for that special person for that very special occasion, whatever it may be.

Yep, this is the best time of the year for me in my lil’ state. I just sit back in my lil’ back yard swing and enjoy the sights and sounds of this special time of year, not caring much about anything.

You don’t have to travel to far away places to enjoy themselves these days. People are always looking for bigger and better things to do. Everything is super sized this and super size that, which only leads to bigger and bigger everything else. Well, for a change, why not go smaller and downsize those vacation plans a bit and visit the smallest state in the USA. We have a lot of things to offer and you can see just about everything you can imagine in one short trip, or two, or three, around our state. We promise that you will have a great time, if you just give us a chance and try ‘smaller’ instead of ‘bigger’ and enjoy the time of your life!

We hope to see you soon!

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