Ice Age in Rhode Island

Loving Rhodey in the Winter

Sometimes, walking outside in Rhode Island’s blistery cold winter weather can feel like we’ve entered another ice age, especially if you’re not prepared for it. Maybe putting on a hat and mittens might help, but even that doesn’tĀ inspire some people to take advantage of the cold weather in Rhode Island. And yes, I do mean what I say when I say “take advantage of the cold weather”. No, I’m not crazy by any means. I just loveeeeeeeeeeeee the cold weather!

So, what’s so special about the cold weather in New England? I always hear people saying, “Oh, it’s so cold here in Rhode Island.” Well, duh, what do you expect when you live in New England! If you don’t like the cold weather, then head on south to sunny Florida where you have one season all year long: muggy and more muggy weather. Not for me!

I just love the cold weather in Rhode Island. I can walk through the woods after a midnight shower of snow flakes and see the footprints of animals that live in the woods. Walking along side a big hoofed footprint makes me imagine a majestic buck had just walked there minutes before I did. Or, the tiny footprints of a hare, scurrying away from a fox, or maybe foraging for some food. It is just so magical to see this happen, and you couldn’t, if we didn’t have cold, which give us this snow!

Or, how about a newly frozen pond, where the ice glistens in the sunlight, just waiting for skaters to enjoy this magical time? I can remember skating every day as a kid, where the boys would chase me around the ponds, stealing my ski cap, which was actually their way of telling me that they liked me. Then, I would go home where my mom always had waiting for me a steaming cup of hot chocolate topped with a mound of marshmallow floating on top. Then, to top it off, my dad would have a huge bonfire in our back yard, (we had a very large back yard), roasting chestnuts for my entire family. It was just so special.

We also liked to go sledding any place we could find. Our special place was a golf course, which had a heaping of hills for us to sled. We didn’t care if we got soaked, or our fingers and toes felt like they were falling off; we just loved the cold weather. We’d stay out there for hours until my dad would come and get us, and we would only leave if he went down the hill with us one more time.

It just seems like now; people are always complaining about the cold weather rather than enjoy it. They are always bundled up with tons of clothing, sipping their lattes from Dunkin Donuts and afraid to come out of their heated homes or cars. If you ask me, they are losing out on one of the most magical times of the year.

Just imagine what it would be like, if you tried a walk in forest; maybe even try snow showing, and witness the magic of the woods open up right before your very eyes. Or, try taking your kids sledding to the many hills that we have in Rhode Island and just be a kid yourself. After your hands and feet feel like falling off, go home (instead of your favorite coffee place) and make some hot chocolate with your family.

And, better yet, try walking on the beach with your bestest fury friend in the world and just watch them run through the snow-piled dunes, playing leap frog as they go along, while you watch the quietness of the ocean without any boats to distract you.

Winter, well, is just so “wicked cool” in Rhode Island and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. The heck with heading south for the winter because you can’t stand the cold. Rhode Island is the best place to be in the winter, so stay and enjoy it, before another Ice Age comes along and takes it all away from us (kidding). Hey, I’d survive it, that’s for sure!


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