Extraordinary Gift Ideas for Christmas

Being a Product Reviewer, I get sent some really unique items to look at that would be sure to ‘wow’ that special someone for Christmas. Or, maybe even ‘wow’ yourself! Check them out and see for yourself what they could inspire in someone.


Speedy Plus Instant Marinator

Ever try to marinate something with just a small amount of time to prepare? That’s how I usually am when it comes to marinating. I tend to not plan enough time to have something marinate correctly and it never turns out the way I would like it. The Speedy Plus Instant Marinator solves that problem in a jiffy! This marinator will actually marinate meats, chicken, fish and just about anything else you need marinating in only 5 minutes. For someone who waits until the last minute to do anything, this was the item for me.

I decided to try marinating chicken that was going to be grilled later on. I used my special sauce, (it’s a secret recipe), poured it over the chicken and let the marinator do its work! The Speedy Plus Instant Marinator has locking tabs along the sides that seals the container completely, not allowing any juices to get out or bacteria to get in. Perfect for someone that is always spilling things. The marinating took all of 5 minutes which really impressed me. The chicken was so tender and juicy that I only needed a fork to cut it. Scrumptious!


My husband is always complaining that he barely has enough time to shave in the morning for work. It’s either that I am occupying the bathroom in the morning getting ready for school or the animals need to be feed. Needless to say, he skips the shaving routine from time to time.

Shavetech manufactures a portable shaver that is extremely light, sleek in design, and the size of smart phone. It plugs into any USB port so it makes it very convenient to use when time is of the essence. My husband tried this out on his way to work on one of those mornings when shaving wasn’t going to be possible by any means. He stated that he was a bit worried at first that it might be a distraction when driving but it wasn’t at all. It was rather quiet and conveniently fit in the palm of his hand.


Finders Key Purse

I honestly believe that there are probably more women then men that can’t find their keys when going out. Since men have deep pockets on their pants, all they have to do is drop them in. However, we women have pocketbooks (some as big as a diaper bag) that carry everything in them beyond one’s imagination and, to just drop the keys in our bags, they are probably going to be lost for an eternity. At least for me that’s how it works!

The Finders Key Purse is just the solution for us women who spend hours sometimes rummaging through out pocketbooks to find their keys. We find ourselves standing in all kinds of weather, frantically throwing things around, probably using a few swear words during the whole ordeal, trying to find the damn keys! Obviously we do, but do we really need the frustration of trying to find them.

How the Finders Key Purse works: It comes in a variety of charms that has a purse key clip clasp attached to it. All that has to be done is attach the keys to the purse key holder and hang it over the bag’s edge. The keyfinders can hang over both the outside and the inside of the purse.


Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Trying to help a loved one slow down, or stop smoking, can be a very challenging event. The craving for nicotine can be very powerful to a smoker. More so, with the stresses that go along with the holidays, that craving can be even more demanding. Encouraging them to slow down may be the only way to help the smoker realize that they need to eventually quit the habit.

Logic, the maker of E cigarettes and disposable cigarettes has hit the market with a powerful ‘WHAM’ that will wow even the most ardent smoker. Logic is known for its rich tobacco flavor that comes from oils that are distilled three times a day, an odorless vapor cloud, stronger battery power and prides itself on having the freshest product on the market.

Though I am not a smoker (I was at one point in my life), I did have a friend that tried out the E cigs. She said she could really savor the tobacco, found this particular brand to last


Monkey Mat for Kids

Have you ever been on an outing watching the kids play soccer and just need to sit down, but the grass is damp and you don’t want to ruin your clothes? Or been in the supermarket and you need to change the baby, but you don’t want to use the changing table in the restroom because of germs? At your wits end yet? Do you really want to carry around blanket in case these situations arise? I sure wouldn’t!

Try out one of the various Monkey Mats that have made their way into the consumer’s world. The standard size is 5’ X 5’, but they also have a larger mat. These mats come in various patterns, is made of lightweight material, washable, water repellant corner tabs for stakes with weighted corners. The Monkey Mat folds up neatly has a nice pouch to store and fits into pocketbooks or even larger pockets.
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