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Luxe Burger, Providence RI


What really makes a good burger? Is it the cheese? The bun? The quality of meat?  To most of us, a gourmet burger is when Wendy’s releases a new sauce or when dad puts bacon on his burger during a family cook out. Living In Rhode Island, our burger choices are really limited.  If you really want to sink you teeth into more than just two all beef patties on a sesame seed bun, not to worry, there is a glimmer of hope, and you just have to know where to look.

Sandwiched in between some of the more fancy restaurants in Providence like Union Station brewery and Capital Gill, there is a burger joint, yes I said burger joint named Luxe Burger. Even though Luxe has to compete with some of Providence’s big boys, it still manages to stand out.

The first thing you might notice as you walk into Luxe Burger is that it isn’t set up like your typical burger joint. It’s a real sit-down table service restaurant with a prominent bar in the center and tables lining the rest of the restaurant. A hostess will seat you if you don’t want to eat at the bar.  You probably wouldn’t go to Luxe to watch the big game as it lacks your typical big screen TV, but there is a modest sized one over the bar if you just have to watch the game while having a great burger.

Luxe lets you know you’re there for the burgers. How you ask? Easy, most of the menu is… well… burgers. Glancing over the menu you might notice that Luxe is pricier than McDonalds, but if you’re willing to spend a little extra it will be well worth your while.  It’s actually about the price you’d pay for a burger at a place like TGIFriday’s and less than what you’d pay at a decent hotel restaurant.

Not only does Luxe use quality ingredients, the portions are generous.  You can even have you burger specially made. Building your own burger is basically a nine-step process.

Step one, choose you meat. This will be your foundation for the delicious and unique toppings to come. There is a wide selection of meats to choose from. Lux even has Ahi tuna and Kobe beef burgers.  Yep, Kobe.

Step two, choose your temp. Basically this is the easiest step. It’s choosing how cooked you want your meat. Unlike the place with the clown, you really can have it your way.

Now for my personal favorite step. Three — choose your cheese. You’ll be pleased to know that Luxe has a nice variety of cheeses, the most interesting are goat and Jarlsberg swiss.

Step four and five are choose your toppings. Step four lets you choose from up to three basic toppings and step five offers you a choice from Luxe’s premium toppings.

What’s a premium topping? Now here’s where it gets interesting. The premium toppings are what makes Luxe stand out. Want some pulled pork on your burger, you got it, want a fried egg or even guacamole they even have that.

Now it’s time for step six: choose your sauce. You can get your standard ketchup, mustard, relish, but now that’s no fun now is it? Spice up that burger with Luxe’s own spicy ketchup or if you fancy some thing different there’s the Asian style tzatziki sauce.

Step seven is what holds it all together, choose your bun. Nothing too fancy here, I mean come on… we’re here for the meat! Your choices are made simple, real simple actually, there are only four. Your choices are sesame, classic burger, whole wheat and a wrap.

Finally it’s time to choose your side. Step eight lets you choose from six options for a side. French fries, sweet potato fries, potato salad, cole slaw, a side salad and Gorgonzola tater tots.

Step nine lets you enhance you side dish. For forty-nine cents you can smother you fries in gravy, a gooey cheese sauce or even chili.

If you want to more about the burger building process feel free to visit lux’s website at

Their biggest burger is the Frankenstein, made with four beef patties, two hotdogs, two buns, and an assortment of toppings and sides. Order it only if you are a champion burger hound or have a friend or two to help out.

So next time you find yourself wanting a burger don’t run down the street to a fast food joint, take a trip to Luxe. Not only will you thank yourself later, you just might find yourself getting addicted! 




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