RI May

A Lot of Rhode Island in One Spot

Rhode Island's Historic Bristol

Visitors to Rhode Island sometimes struggle to discover the very best part of the state.  For some, the Providence’s bustling downtown and collegiate artsy-ness defines Rhode Island, for others it’s the party atmosphere of Newport, and for others it’s the laid-back countryside of Rhode Island’s South County.  But if you have a broad range of […]

Beyond the Gates of Newport Society

Not all of the Newport Mansions are Museums

One of the oldest cities in the country, the Society Capital of America for the prosperous, Newport Rhode Island is celebrated by a splendid display of countless structural designs, most noteably the mansions bult as summer cottages for the incredibly wealthy of the Gilded Age. But even though many of the mansions are now opened […]

Flying Over Rhode Island

Piloting a Private Plane for the First Time

Last weekend, I flew. I climbed into a small plane, settled into the pilot’s seat, taxied to the runway, took off, and in no time was sailing 2000 feet above the Rhode Island coastline at over 100 miles an hour. Of course it wasn’t that simple, I didn’t actually do the take-off and landing, and […]

Memorial Day

Remembering fallen heroes at the RI Veteran's Cemetery

With my home in Rhode Island, I can’t drive all the way to San Antonio where my Dad was laid to rest with a three volleys of gunfire and the distant sound of a bugle playing taps when I want to remember him. My mother has the neatly folded flag that once draped his coffin […]

A Step into the Past

Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum

  The American Indian has held a magical mystique for me. Their simple life styles, their belief system and their constant pursuit of happiness is a source of wonder for many. There are a multitude of museums located throughout the country that depict the history of these beloved people and the land that was once […]

A Special Meal in a Special Place

Enjoying the Star Chef Series at Gracie's in Providence

Gracie’s is a place to create memories.  Fine food and wine, attentive service, and a warming atmosphere make it the place to bring someone special for… a proposal?  … an anniversary?  But during the Star Chef Series dinners, the food is the reason for the evening, and that someone special you bring becomes a fellow […]

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