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Alba Gu Bragh (Scotland Forever)

The Highland Games in Rhode Island

Once upon a time in the midst of warring battles between the clans, a mighty figure emerged for all to see. He stood 6 feet tall with dark, with wavy hair, massive muscular arms, a beard as long as a horse’s tail, and wearing a … skirt? Ok, I was taken by the description of […]

From diners and taverns to White House menus and vintage microwaves

Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Museum

  I entered the Culinary Arts Museum with trepidation, fearing endless exhibits of soup tureens and salad forks, broken up by instructional videos on braising and refrigeration. My worries, thankfully, proved groundless. The museum, housed at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, does focus on food, but in its broadest sense: how its preparation, marketing, […]

Guardian of the Bay

A Walk through History at Newport's Fort Adams

By Florence Chartier Frandsen Standing guard over Narragansett Bay for over 200 years, Fort Adams watches silently as ships and boats pass by its fortified stone walls. Joined by the lighthouses dotting Newport and Jamestown, the Fort keeps a watchful eye over Newport’s Pell Bridge and Narragansett Bay, the city of Providence and all towns […]

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