A Quiet time Quilting

Mount Washington B&B's Quilting Weekends


White-knuckle adventure is fine for some people, but for many people a trip to the peace and quiet of the White Mountains and the Great North Woods is a call to a simpler life, one with the cozy comforts of time-honored, cozy bed and breakfast, the company of good friends, and a return to the homey pleasures our grandparents used to know. A weekend spent quilting at the Mount Washington Bed and Breakfast is exactly what those people crave.

In the spring and autumn, innkeeper Mary Ann Mayer hosts her quilting weekends, where a cozy quilting circle of visitors join in creating beautiful keepsakes that harken to grandma’s day. Those new to the art may want to visit on one of the Learn to Quilt Weekends, the more experienced can enjoy creating the Mystery Quilt, and those who have let the hectic pace and troubles of day-to-day lives get in the way of their homey, back-to-basics sides, the UFO (Un-Finished Objects) Weekend is perfect.

Each of the quilting weekends is part of a packaged stay at the Mount Washington B&B, with delicious breakfasts in the morning, a lunch on Saturday, social sewing through the day, and a cozy bed at night.  And every weekend package also includes the hands-on guidance of Mary Ann, who has been quilting since 1999.

On the learn-to-quilt weekends, Mary Ann teaches everything a new quilter would need to know, from the selection of fabrics and the definition of a “fat quarter”, to the finishing touches of the edge binding and hanging of the quilt. Beginners are provided a list of supplies to bring, but early check-ins on Friday can join in a group outing to North Conway’s Quilt Shop, where there will be personal guidance on selecting complementing and contrasting fabrics for the weekend’s project, a wall hanging quilt about a yard across, sewn using the easy-to-learn strip quilting methods.  The quilting begins after breakfast on Saturday, with a break for lunch before finishing the project by dinnertime. Throughout the project, Mary Ann is there to guide the process. By the time they go home, new quilters have both a finished project and the skills to continue quilting on their own.

Mystery Quilt Weekends are for quilters who already know the basics. As with the Learn To Quilt weekends, a list of supplies to bring is provided by email.  But after breakfast on Saturday, when the cutting and sewing begins, the instructions are provided just one step at a time, with no hint about what the final quilt top will look like. Mary Ann provides Saturday lunch (and of course delicious B&B breakfasts each morning), and the project will be finished by dinnertime, when guests frequently choose to continue socializing at a nearby restaurant.

UFO Weekends are the excuse that quilters need to get back to that unfinished project.  It might be a decorative wall-hanging quilt top like those created on the other package weekends, or it might be reworking and repairing an antique crazy quilt – whatever the project is, the UFO Weekend provides a low-key, relaxing time to chat and work on that project with other quilters.  Just like the other quilting weekend packages, guests are provided the perfect atmosphere and amenities, with cookies in the room at check-in, Mount Washington B&B’s famous breakfasts, Saturday lunch, and baked goods and tea in the afternoon.

For some, there’s more to a stay at the Mount Washington B&B than a peaceful weekend of socializing and working on homespun crafts – right out the door is New Hampshire’s North Country and the White Mountains waiting to be explored and reveled in. When the quilters are occupied with their projects, their traveling partners usually go exploring the great outdoors.  Or they may add few days to the trip and go adventuring with them once the quilting project is completed.

You can find the Mt.Washington Bed & Breakfast at 421 State Route 2 Shelburne, NH 03581. Call them at 877-466-2399 or 603-466-2669 or find them online at www.mtwashingtonbb.com to learn more about the quilting package weekends.


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