A Leisurely Walk with your Dog Made Easier!

A look at the inventive "Leisure Leash"


I love to walk with my dog into the deep woods — “off leash”. Yes, I walk my dog around the neighborhood with a leash because you never know about the maniacs in our neighborhood, but I prefer letting my dog run free and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. However, when I do that, I still have to carry the leash just in case another dog approaches or something else that may endanger him. And, carrying that leash can be more than cumbersome.

I was asked to look at a product that would solve my problem of not having to carry a leash with me when hiking or walking with my dog. The name of the product is called “Leisure Leash” and it is designed to have a collar and leash all in one neat little package. It sounded pretty interesting to me, especially if it could make my life a bit easier when walking my dog.

The Leisure Leash is actually composed of 2 parts: the slip collar and the leash, both which fit comfortably around the dog’s neck. When the leash is needed, all that has to be done is slip the leash off the dog’s head and now you have your a short walking leash for almost instant control! Unlink the carabiner and you get a longer, standard-length leash. The part of the leash that stays on the dog’s neck is loose at all times except when you need to rein in Fido. The shorter leash can be used when training a dog or making them heel. The larger leash allows for normal walks and runs. It’s flexible, convenient and it does not bankrupt our pockets!

I highly recommend the Leisure Leash to anyone that has a dog, and secretly loves to walk him or her off leash every now and then. It is made in a variety of colors and prices are under $20. Leisure Leash can be purchased on their website: leisureleash.com or Amazon.com. Check it out. It’s worth it!



The Leisure Leash was designed to accommodate teaching, training, flexibility, economy and convenience. The best part is your dog carries the Leisure Leash and gives you a total hands free option for playing in dog parks, beach running and freedom in other open spaces. We are proud to say that our product is handmade from start to finish in America.

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