A Boot To Keep Our Men Dry

Testing LL Bean's waterproof Bean Boots


During the wintertime’s frigid temperatures and heaping mounds of snow, our feet sit comfortably in super insulated, knee high boots. In the summer, our feet are adorned with sandals, sneakers or just going barefoot. Autumn, with a chill in the air and leaves cascading to the grown, our feet are covered in different footwear, from loafers or sneakers, or all the way up to boots. But what about the rainy season that usually comes during the spring months of March, April and May? Do we wear our winter boots all day, knowing our feet are most likely sizzling inside them? Or, do we take a chance and wear sneakers or loafers, being aware that we are bound to step in a puddle or two?

Remember the goulashes that we use to wear to school that had a million buckles on them? Yes, they kept our feet dry in the snow, but we were pretty darn near close to having frostbite! For years we endured those boots wearing multiple socks to keep from freezing our toes off. Then, with the knowledge of creating something versatile, that will keep you warm, the “Duck Boot” was discovered. LL Bean invented the good ol’ Duck Boot, or as they call them “Bean Boots”, to replace those ugly goulashes.

Taking priding in workmanship, LL Bean became an everyday word for those who decided to venture out into the ever-changing weather. The Duck boot was one of the first of many designs created by LL Bean himself. Each of these boots is carefully sewn by well-regarded craftsman in Maine, whose passion for their workmanship is shown in every boot that is constructed. Besides the well-remembered Duck Boot, LL Bean also manufactures many other unique designs of boots that have a particular purpose in mind.

Here at RI Roads, we were asked by LL Bean to review one of the original Bean Boots. Naturally, we said yes (we’re suckers for free samples), especially since we know of LL Bean’s reputation for quality products.

Our tester is a rural-delivery mailman, so taking care of his feet are very important. He’s a big guy, so it’s hard for him to find good-fitting boots, but LL Bean found just the right size — 13EE. He found the boots to be extremely sturdy that supported his feet remarkably well and fit his large feet. He made sure that he ‘broke them in’ before he ventured out to deliver mail. They are waterproof, which is another plus since he usually wears sneakers that are constantly getting wet. His foot moved around easily as he walked without any issues and gave plenty of traction. Since these particular boots weren’t lined, he did suggest wearing warm socks if the boots were going to be used in colder weather. He said he would recommend these boots to anyone that wants to keep their feet nice and dry.

These particular boots were 8 inches in height which was a plus to someone that is always stepping in a puddle or two. The Bean Boots comes in a variety of styles, colors and heights. Prices can range from $119 – $219. The Bean Boot still lives up to its reputation of being a boot that just won’t wear out. They are well worth the investment. Please visit their website at: www.llbean.com for more information or visit their new store in RI’s Garden City Center.

Note: Rhode Island Roads Magazine’s reviewers test and write about products that are provided to them for that purpose of telling you about them. Part of the product featured in this post was provided by L.L.Bean. #sponsored

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