Zinc Controls the Common Cold

Testing out Cold-Eeze

There are so so many medicines on the market these days, all making promises. They can cure this, they can cure that, ours is better than yours, our price is lowest… the claims go on and on. I know that when I get a cold, I want to find just the right one that will make me feel better, RIGHT AWAY.

That’s a problem all by itself. Because I want my cold to go away, FAST, I tend to try so many cold remedies that I don’t even know if one is working or not. Maybe I should stick to just one? (Ya’think?)

Ever hear or a product called Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Lozenges? I hadn’t either, until their P.R. person contacted me to try it. Naturally I had to wait until I had a cold which, believe it or not, I didn’t have one this year. So, I drafted a helper to try this as she is constantly getting colds. And, as I said earlier, it takes time to feel better.

Most of us know that Zinc is a micronutrient in our body that helps combat colds and other illnesses. I even take a Zinc supplement every day to help ward off illnesses. Cold–Eeze Cold Remedy Lozenges not only contains the key ingredient Zinc, but it is in a formula called zinc gluconate, which I am told disolves easily in the body. This particular product doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives that could cause the zinc receptors not to be released.

So when my helper Sharon came down with a cold, it was time to put this product to test!

Sharon said that she liked the fact that the Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy was in the form of a lozenges rather than a liquid because she felt that as long as she had it in her mouth, it was continuing to do its job. Plus, being in a lozenge form, she was able to carry a few in her purse (try carrying a bottle of medicine around all day) and when she felt like she might be getting ‘something’, she would just pop one in her mouth.

There are many different flavors of Cold-Eeze and they are all natural; not loaded with sugars or fructose, which can cause their own share of problems. Sharon did say that all though she still got a cold, she felt that the Cold-Eeze actually shortened the length of time that she normally has when she is sick. And, being around people all day long and who knows what germs they may be carrying, she said that she uses the lozenges as a preventative measure. Time will tell!

Sharon recommends this product to just about anyone that is interested in using all natural products, can shorten the length of a cold and is easily accessible when someone close by has a cold. It’s all-natural, uses an ingredient (zinc) that is already in our body (and not all those chemicals that are usually in cold remedies) is easy to digest and it is portable. Cold-Eeze costs $6.99 for a package of 18 lozenges and is sold at many retailers across the U.S. Check their website at: www.coldeeze.com for a store nearby.

Maybe colds have just met their match with Cold-Eeze!

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