What’s Better than a Truffle in your Stocking?

The 75-truffle Lindt Lindor Truffle Gift Bag

One of the nice treats that I’ve come to expect each year is a Lindt Lindor truffle in my Christmas Stocking. A little sphere of chocolate deliciousness that is just on the cusp of the solid-liquid border, ready to pop into my mouth and melt into bliss on my tongue.  But this week, something arrived in the office mail that is better than one of those amazing little truffles — better in fact than a dozen of them.  How about 75 Lindt Lindor truffles in a gift bag?

The folks at Lindt realized something that I hadn’t… that a bag of their truffles would make an amazing gift for any chocolate lover, multiplying the magic of that solitary truffle into an overwhelming wave of MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  They sent two bags (that makes 150 truffles!), one in a Christmasy red cardinal gift bag and one in a soft red fabric bag — imagine having a stocking filled with nothing but truffles!

The bags were filled with milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, extra dark chocolate and peanut butter truffles.  Peanut butter?  I’d never had one before.  Wow. It turns out that the Lindt folks make a huge variety of truffles I’d never experienced — sea salt, raspberry, caramel, hazelnut, coffee…. the list goes on and on… 22 different flavors in fact.

I researched how the truffles are made — the soft, almost liquid inside of the hard chocolate balls is called “ganache”, made by pouring heated cream over shredded chocolate.  The Lindt folks, who have been making chocolates for 150 years, have been making these delicious little truffles since the 1950’s, mostly in New Hampshire.   Of course the magazine staff made sure that none of the truffles would survive to Christmas.

So a special thank you to the folks at Lindt for sending the truffles for us to test and for me to write about.  It would make a great gift for a Yankee gift swap, priced at only $25.  Look for them in your favorite stores, at one of their 50 US locations like the one in Seekonk, or online at www.lindtusa.com


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