Water with a ‘Sparkling’ Taste of Class

Nowadays, we constantly reminded to drink enough water.  Thankfully, there is a huge variety of water products on the market that help getting enough water easier  — filtered water from pitchers, spring water in plastic bottles, BPA free water bottles, Vitamin enriched waters, flavor enhancers, odd shaped water bottles — all providing cool, refreshing water right at our fingertips. The new problem is finding the one that works best for you!

Of course I enjoy something different; something to perk up my water, so I was happy to find Sparkling Ice.

Just what is Sparkling Ice? I am a very literal person, so I wondered at first if it is something that requires putting sparkling things ice. Or maybe it is something that requires putting ice into something sparkling? Well, it’s a little of both.

Sparkling Ice is a product of Talking Rain Beverage Company located a little east of Seattle, Washington. Just the location tells me that this product must be produced from the clearest, freshest waters from springs located in the Washington mountains. Other sources are also used by Talking Rain, making sure they provide the smallest carbon footprint possible. And, that’s how Sparkling Ice was started.

The sample of Sparkling Ice that was sent to me included 2 bottles each of Orange Mango, Coconut Pineapple, Kiwi Strawberry and Pink Grapefruit.  They make other varieties,  including Lemonade, Pomegranate Berry, Black Raspberry and Lemon Lime. I quickly glanced at the back for the ingredients which consisted of Vitamin D, Vitamin B and antioxidants, particularly Green Tea extract.

The labeling on the bottle was intriguing. It included a picture of a refreshingly cool ice cube with the particular flavor of fruit. Just the picture of the ice cube made me think of the water inside being icy cool. Such creativity!

I have tried other flavored waters but they always seem to leave an after taste. I didn’t find that with the Sparkling Ice because the ingredients were mostly natural, with just a hint of Splenda (otherwise referred to as Sucralose, a ‘product’ of sugar). Even my children (grown up) competed with each other to see who would get what flavor. I made sure that I picked first.

In general, I really enjoyed how great the water tasted. I could even put it down for awhile, go back to it later and found the water to be just as refreshing! Plus the fact that it contained good healthy ingredients, I knew that I was taking really good care of my body. What’s better than that!

Sparkling Ice is one of the best-flavored waters on the market today. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to a add a little ‘sparkle’ to their daily intake of water. And, it is even sold in many of the well-known grocery and drug stores in your area. Please visit their website at: www.sparklingice.com to find out more about Sparkling Ice. Drinking water just got a whole lot better!


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