Traveling With The Little Ones Made Easier

A look at Nurturme organic baby foods

I can’t imagine what it is like to travel with and infants and toddlers these days on those long (and short) strenuous road trips!  Despite it being decades ago, I can still remember all of my own road trips with my three sons, ranging from one to five, and all by myself!  There were times I wanted to tear my hair out because it was so overwhelming and always worrying about when, where and how I was going to feed them.  I’d be damned if I was going to stop at any fast food places so I always packed everything that I could think of for the trip!  Needless to say, many items went bad, were half eaten, got soggy from the ice in the cooler or just wasn’t the right thing to eat.  ARGH!

Now that my children are grown, I no longer have to pack the cooler for them.  My husband, my dogs and I do go on road trips so I still pack a cooler but nothing like what I had to do when my guys were little.  I was always worried about spoilage, making sure they had nutritious food and drink on the little money that I did have in hope of making the trips special.  And, it always was, even with a few spills along the way. 

Nowadays, companies are making baby foods that come in all types of packaging,  promising nutritious and convenient food for children and parents.    One company in particular, Nuturme, asked if I wanted to sample some of their really neat new all organic baby food in tiny little packets.   I told them my children were grown but I would be happy to find someone who would test their product.  A good friend of my son’s just had a child so he was more than enthusiastic to try it out (and pleased to know that there was going to be an easier way to travel with his new son). 

At first,  he wasn’t sure if dried food in these tiny little pouches would be enough for his new son’s appetite, but he was amazed at the quantity of food in those pouches.  Since his wife is breast-feeding, she added her milk to the package of bananas until it reached the desired consistency that she wanted.  Her son has already had fruit so she wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t like this brand.  As she said, and I agree with her on this, sometimes its not so much the taste of the food that babies don’t like, but the texture.  Since the bananas had been dried, (which by the way, helps  to retain more of the nutrients than in pre-mixed baby food), she wasn’t worried about spoilage.  Plus, being organic, no chemicals or pesticides were used which pleased this family even more, since they are into organic food for the entire family.

There was just one thing that the mother was concerned about and that was the entire package had to be used at once,  because  Nuturme does not contains preservatives.  However, that wasn’t a problem with her son as he ate the entire package at one sitting!  By not adding preservatives, Nuturme baby food is able to maintain all of the essential nutrients, the beautiful color of fruit and vegetables and even their texture.  And, the fact that their baby food is dried,  the food is able to sustain their phytochemicals and actually taste better than pre-cooked food.  No complaints from this baby!

The other benefits of Nurturme are that the pouches are small and convenient to handle. They are also very easy prepare and no messy jars to worry about later.  And,  an important concern for me, (and millions of others),  is that Nurturme uses recyclable containers that are made by using wind energy, therefore decreasing the carbon output from decaying materials.  I think that is really neat!

Oh, there is one more thing that I would like to add and that is the fact that Nurturme also produces food for toddlers, who are always making messes (and not just with the food.  They are 2!).  Toddlers sometimes can be real finicky about their food but I don’t think they will be with Nurturme products because they just taste so darn good!

Nurturme products can be ordered online at: or in many local stores, such as Walgreens, Target, Stop and Shop and many, many more.  Pricing will vary according to size and quantity.  Bye bye messy baby food  jars and say hello to Nurturme individually packaged baby food!



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