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Looking at the New Abrigo Bag

Traveling to far away places have always been my dream. As much as I travel now,  I still wish to someday visit Alaska, or Colorado, or Russia, or spend a long  relaxing vacation in Scotland. Of course I want to make my traveling as easy and  comfortable as possible. Now the question is, how to do it! I have tried all  kinds of different things to make my traveling around different locations  easier, such as backpacks (but I always worry about someone pick-pocketing it),  oversized pocketbooks (but they get too heavy and I have to empty them) or a  ‘Fanny Pack’ (but they are too small). Something that will carry what is  important to me and even store a coat or light jacket.

Well, Abrigo Bags is an answer to my problem (and possibly yours, too). I was asked to try out one of their new Abrigo Bags. I said, “sure”, since a nice travel bag would help me avoid looking like I just ‘stepped off the bus’ — I want it to be fashionable when I see the world and the world sees me.

They sent the ‘Carmen Verde’ bag, which had a rich blend of different greens, blacks and a warm tan design. It was absolutely gorgeous!

When I first looked at the bag, I was a little skeptical as far as how much I would be able to fit in the bag so I just started stuffing items into it. I put my favorite “Patriot” jacket in it, (a lightweight spring jacket), a small pillow, my laptop, some snacks, two bottles of water, the essentials for a one night stay, and a book… and I still had room to spare.

Then I thought, “This is going to be too uncomfortable to carry on my shoulder”, but, it wasn’t! I felt that it was probably due to the fact that the strap sits just right on my shoulder so I could warp my arm over it and it didn’t slip off! Awesome!

Another thing that pleased me was the beautiful design of the bag. No one would even think that it was an overnight bag because it is so fashionable. I imagined myself strolling down 5th Ave in New York or departing my (imaginary) yacht in the Caymans, looking every bit like a very well to do woman. Well, my tennis shoes and Patriots jacket might give me away, but not the bag.

I also loved the little pocket on the outside where I could put my ‘quick’ essentials in it. Even in the inside, there was a lanyard that I could put my keys on. I absolutely hate rummaging around my pocketbook trying to find my keys especially on a cold, dark and rainy night and on a bag this size losing track of your keys would be a serious inconvenience.

As far as convenience, it is incredible. The outside pocket is attached in such a way that it slips over the handles of a roll-on bag, making it easy to handle on a plane. The viscose lining helps to protect the materials inside.

Then there is the reinforced handle, which makes it easier and more secure to carry. It is very lightweight so no worrying about thick, bulky material. And it can even fold up for easy storage. It can go anywhere that I want to go.

Now, just a quick note on the history of this item. A woman named Katie Grove had a thought in mind after many long waits in airports, dragging her coat around dirty department store floors and worrying about her coat being stuffed and handled in the over-head compartment on planes. Out of her aggravation and determination, she thought of designing a bag that would carry not only her coat, but other essentials as well. The result, the “Abrigo Bag” (for those who
love to know where words come from, Abrigo is Spanish for coat).

After consulting with a friend, Gail Tentler, (who was very experienced in the fashion industry), and putting their creative minds together, they decided to share the Abrigo Bag with the rest of the world. It has now been three years that the Abrigo has been in production and it is doing fantastic, according the manufacturers and reviews.

I recommend this bag to women who want to make their lives a whole lot easier when carting around town with a small child in tow, traveling, or stuffing presents in your bag that you don’t want anyone to see or for that magic moment when you are strutting down 5th Ave, New York, feeling like a million bucks!

For more information on reviews, where to purchase the item, costs (each bag costs $200 plus shipping) and learning more about the Abrigo Bag, please visit their website at: www. You’ll be glad that you did!

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