Tissues within just an arms length in your car! Fantastic!

Kissue Tissues in the Cup Holder

I have to say that I am probably one of the worse people when it comes to keeping tissues in my car.  I don’t even carry them in my pocketbook (but I should, as I have allergies)!  When I am traveling and need a tissue, I just reach for one of those extra napkins from one of my favorite coffee stops and use that.  Ok, they aren’t as soft as a tissue but when you need something quickly, they will do. 

Now comes the part when you have to figure out where to put the tissues.  I cram them into the cup holders in my car, but when I reach for them, I always pull out more than I want. Then, I try stuffing the extra tissues back and before you know it, my car is swerving all over the place because I am  not paying attention to my driving! Beyond aggravation!

And then what happens when you run out of tissues? Using those little compact tissues are ok when you are looking at what you are doing but not when you are driving.  Worse then that, trying to rummage through your pocketbook looking for them while driving  is, as they say, an accident waiting to happen.

Well, leave it to someone to come up with an idea to solve the tissue problem in the cars. Kiss – U Tissue Tube, a tube of facial tissue that fits nicely into the cup holders of cars.    Founded by Amy Davis in 2008, she wanted to find an environmentally tissue dispenser that would serve its purpose whenever needed.  Her first dispenser happened to be the Kiss-u Tissue dispenser that is made into a tube and is prepared from 60% recycled cardboard.  It fits nicely into the cup holder of a car and is refillable!

I couldn’t wait to try out my Kiss-u-Tissue dispenser.  I was sent a tube that was decorated with animal designs and a multitude of colors.  I tore off the top, pulled out my first tissue and placed it into the cup holder.  I was expecting the next tissue to be jammed in as so many things are when they are trying to be pulled through a tiny opening, but it didn’t happen.  All I did was tug a bit and the next  tissue came out!  I was thrilled to be able to have actual tissues in my car and not have to rumble through my pocketbook to find one and then start swerving all over the road again!  And, the tubes are refillable! What is better than that?

The Kiss-u-Tissue tubes are available in a variety of designs that are colorful and appealing to the eye.  I’ve never been one to really care about what kind or color my tissue boxes are but I have to say with the Kiss-u-Tissue tubes and their designs brightens up my day a bit (especially if you have a cold and all you want to do is climb back into bed).

Kiss-u-Tissue tubes are now being sold in Walgreens and are available for purchase online.  They also carry the refills for the Kiss-u-Tissue tubes.  I am not sure of the price as I didn’t see anything listed on their web page but I would suggest stopping by a local Walgreens to find out.  If there aren’t any available,  there is a contact email on their website: http://www.kissutissue.com,  where you  could send an email to find other stores that carry this product.  Would I recommend this product?  Heck yeah!  This has to be one of the neatest inventions that I have seen in a long time. Now I can rest assured that when I need a tissue and I am in my car, all I have to do is reach down and there they are!  And, no more swerving cars on the road!  Yahoo!



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