The Gift Giver is more than just another book! It’s real!

I am  one of those old fashioned people that just love to sit down and read a real good book.  I don’t like reading a book on those new, fancy Nooks, or Kindles or even on my phone.  I want to hold a book in my lap with my legs curled up under me, kick back in my comfy leather chair and get ready to be entertained.  I must not forget my mug of coffee or hot chocolate, depending on what is happening outside at the time. Then, I turn the first page and away we go.

I must point out that after reading almost a chapter, if the book doesn’t ‘grab me’, then the book goes away, under my coffee table where it will collect dust until I send it off to Goodwill.  This wasn’t the case with The Gift Giver.  From the very beginning, I knew I was going to like this book.  Why?  Because it was written from a real person talking about real events that happened in her life with her family.  It wasn’t laced with all flowery words and redundancy but talked of real emotions; the kind that most people can’t even imagine saying, much less putting on paper for the whole world to read. That is what I really, really liked about this book.  It was real.

Now to some people, the content of the book may be a deterrence.  Why so?  Well, because it talks about the main character, (who happens to be the author of the book), Jennifer Hawkins, who is able to communicate with her recently deceased husband.  There are many people in this world who do not believe in the after life.  Honestly, I have to say that after reading this book, some of the things I had been questioning about the after life just seemed irrelevant as compared to the devoted love that she and her husband shared, even after he was gone.

Jennifer’s life became torn apart by the unexpected death of her husband Mark. The tormenting days that followed were unfathomable to her.  Yet, she received hope one day when she hears a voice she thought she would ever hear again; her husband’s.  From the moment that he spoke to her, she knew that her fears of why he had left would eventually be answered.

During the course of her transition from being a married mom to a single mom, Jennifer writes from her heart about what transpired after Mark’s death.  The endless paperwork, figuring out who would run Mark’s business, the painful memories that she feels every time someone pays their respect to her — all are relived in her book and through her writing, the reader actually feels the same as she does. I felt her pain and her sorrow of losing someone so dear to her.  It was very very real. Authors normally tell a story, but Jennifer was shared her story.  I felt like I was walking in her shoes, through her day-to-day activities and basically just existing at times.  I could relate to her as that is how I felt the day my ex-husband walked out on my family many, many years ago.  Through faith, support from loved ones and looking at the smiling faces of my three young boys, I made it.  And, Jennifer is doing that, too.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.  Not just people that have lost loved ones, but also those who want to read a love story; a love so strong that not even death could break their bond.

Jennifer Hawkins lives in Texas with her two sons.  She presently is still involved in Real Estate and is presently working on her sixth book.  She is an inspiration to all.

For more information on Jennifer Hawkins and where to purchase her memoir “The Gift Giver” and other books, please visit her website at:  It’s definitely worth a look!

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