That Morning Cup of Coffee Just Got Fresher

Testing out the Coffee Vault

Waking up in the morning does not come easily for me. I hit the snooze alarm, try to sleep for another minute, hit the snooze again until I almost fall back to sleep until my animals jump on me, telling me to get up to get them something to eat. After my usual routine, I head to the kitchen for a good strong cup of coffee. Out come the coffee pot; in go the filter and water and then a battle to find the coffee. Or should I say, the battle to find fresh coffee.

I usually purchase whole bean coffee figuring that I would ground just the right amount of coffee each time and then return the coffee to my refrigerator (I was told at some point in my life, that keeping coffee in the refrigerator after opening it, keeps it fresh). This has worked for me up to this point. However, Friis Coffee offered me a chance to try out one of their products that said it would keep my coffee even fresher than being stored in the refrigerator! How could I resist?

The Friis Coffee Company manufactures many products, in particular the Coffee Vault, which stores 12 ounces of coffee and promises to keep my coffee as fresh as the day I bought it. They said that their unique design is what keeps the coffee the freshest from other coffee containers.

I want to give you just a little background information on the coffee vault. The coffee canister base is made from food-safe stainless steel and the inside of the lid is made of a BPA-free polymer. It has a valve on the top of the lid that allows the carbon dioxide gas to escape.The date wheel, which is also on top, records when the coffee was stored. It’s recommended to replace the valve every two months.

I bought fresh coffee beans and made some coffee, just to have something to compare. The rest went into the Coffee Vault. About five days later (oh, I still drank coffee, but I paid extra to have someone else make it and hand it to me thorugh the car window), I made a pot of coffee. Now I am very picky about my coffee and if it isn’t fresh, I won’t drink it. I drank this one! I tasted just as fresh as the coffee I had five days before! Each time I wanted some coffee, I would then grind the beans and they were still, now 10 days later, as fresh as the first day.

I always kept my coffee in the refrigerator but I wondered about what happened each time I took out the coffee. If I use the coffee vault, then I will know for sure that my coffee would be fresh. And, I can keep it right on my kitchen counter which makes for an easy access. All I have to do is remember to change the filter (which traps the carbon dioxide) and with the date wheel to help, I won’t be able to forget!

I definitely suggest purchasing the Friis Coffee Vault, especially if you want a really fresh cup of coffee in the morning. It’s convenient, stores easily and is reasonably priced at $21.95 for the 12 oz container. They also make 16 oz stainless steel and polymer containers.  Check out their website at: Coffee just got better!

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