Staying in Style on the Golf Course

Staying protected from the sun on the course with MadCapz

When the weather starts to get a little bit warmer from the blistering cold of the winter, those special people that like to venture out onto a muddy green area of grass, take that silver plated stick of theirs and hit a ball, somewhere, anywhere, (hopefully a hole in one) and take a deep breath of air.  That, everyone, starts the beginning of golf season for many, many people, including many women. 

Women are just as avid about golf as men and are taking to the greens more and more every day.  They want to look just as stylish as the men do, (maybe even a little more than the men) and still play the game.  Men are usually the ones that will don a hat, but many women aren’t that fond of hats (head ridge I guess).

There are many women’s hats being designed these days, not just for golf, but also for any kind of activity while outdoors, (and keeping up with the fashion of the day).  Not only do they want to look stylish, but also they want to protect themselves from the blaring sun that manages to filter its way down through the clouds even.  They no longer want to wear their husband’s baseball caps or something with a ‘somewhat’ funny saying on it.  They want their own cap, with a feminine touch and of course, sun protection.  Welcome MADCAPZ.

MADCAPZ was created by Carrie Bell, (President and Owner) who wanted to combine style and protection when taking walks.  After making a few of her caps for some of her friends, word got out about her product.  As a result, MADCAPZ was formed.  These beautiful caps are made from 100% cotton; lower profile which most women love and a 2-¾ inch bill for great sun protection.

MADCAPZ comes in a variety of colors and designs so there shouldn’t be any problem finding something that fits your personality.  I was sent the “ A Little Dot’ll Do Ya cap which is a watermelon pink color and very light weight.  I loved the lower profile so I could pull the cap down further on my head.  Being that it’s made of 100% cotton and so lightweight, it didn’t feel like I had some heavy-duty weight on my head!  I particularly loved the longer bill in the front which would definitely help with keeping the sun off of my face and neck.

These caps, (and visors), are relatively inexpensive; visors are $20.00 and caps are $23.00.  They come in a variety of colors and designs; some being on sale for $18.00!  Aren’t we worth that much money to look good, feel good AND, keeping us protecting from the sun?  I am!  How about you?

For more information, please visit their website at:  Don’t buy just one but many; one for every day of the week!



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