Staying Comfortable While Doing Yoga

Trying Woman Within

Exercise is not something I take lightly.   When I set out to do something, whether it is a project or exercise, I do it full force!   I have dabbled in many different ways of exercising, from Pilates to walking the dogs.  Hiking is my favorite by far, as I love being out with nature, my dogs and my hubby.  Yet, there are times that I just like to do something quietly, by myself, to gain some balances and serenity in my life.  That, my friends, would be either Tai Chi or Yoga.  And, in order for me to feel fully refreshed, I have to start with wearing the right clothes; not tight and uncomfortable, but lose fitting so I can enjoy myself. 

I have never really thought about wearing specific garments for Yoga or Tai Chi, so when I was asked by Woman Within to sample their Yoga pants, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Woman Within designs clothing for women that are in the plus size of clothing.  They know that many plus size women lead very active and healthy lives and Woman Within wanted to design a style of clothing that would make the plus size woman feel not only comfortable while exercising, but to be able to go right from the gym and onto doing chores, appointments and shopping, all the while by staying in style and rejuvenated.  Voila!  WWActive  clothing line was the result of their research.  So, I thought to myself, “Why not try it.”  And, I did!

Though not being in the plus size range myself, the pants were slightly large but that was fine with me, as I tend to ruin lots of clothing either because they are too tight, or, my biggest fault, I don’t pay attention to what I am doing.  The pants that I tried were black with a light white stripe along the side.  They were made of Spandex with the boot cut design so they would fit  comfortably over my shoes; not 3” higher that I have found with many other sportswear.  They felt very roomy and were, in my opinion, quite fashionable (even though I am not a big fashion guru myself).  I really enjoyed how easily I moved in those pants during the strenuous and quiet exercising that I was doing. 

I really enjoyed wearing these pants!  Normally, after the gym or exercising at home, I wouldn’t dare venture out in the clothing that I wear, but with these stylish pants, I felt that I could go anywhere and not feel embarrassed.  Plus, the little devil in me even smirked a bit because I knew that people knew by looking at my pants that I had probably just come from a hard workout at the gym and I felt like I was part of the in-crowd!  But in fact, these pants were really, really comfortable. 

To all my fellow women friends that come in all shapes and sizes,  please stay healthy, by eating right, exercising and enjoying every moment that you can with your lived ones.  With that being said, I want to definitely recommend these pants, (and the rest of the wonderful active clothing line from Woman Within), to those wonderful, loveable plus size women that want to stay in shape and feel good about themselves, too.  We all deserve that!

Please visit and check out their gorgeous line of clothing and  especially,  their new WW Active clothing.  Staying healthy is what it is all about!  Enjoy!


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