Spice Up That Meal

Testing Teeny Tiny Spices from Vermont

There’s a lot to be said about those that love to cook; any day, any time, they just love to cook. And, I happen to be one of those that ‘love to cook.’ I’ve been told, however, that the one thing I need to work a little is the seasonings. I either add too much, or I don’t add enough of something. Something, but no one can tell me what that something is!

Since I love to cook so much, as well as the rest of my family, I am always experimenting with different flavors from around the world. And, that wouldn’t be just Italian, or German, or Scottish (since we are of Scottish decent), but flavors from the Far East, or South America, or the Caribbean, creating dishes that involve a variety of flavors and exotic spices from around the world. And, when Teeny Tiny Spices of Vermont wanted me to review their four new ‘red hot fiery’ spices from around the world, did I say yes? But of course!

These 4 spices arrived just in time for me to experiment again, (with my family), some ‘red hot fiery’ food. Each spice came in its own colorful tin, which contained 6.5 oz of the spice. The first spice was named Harissa, which is made from peppers, spices and herbs from Tunisia and used on many foods to enhance its flavor. The next one was named Cajun Spice, which was a blend of Native American, Spanish African and French Acadian spices and used mainly on meat. The third one was named Jamaican Jerk, which contained a variety of spices, Maple Sugar and Himalayan Pink Salt and used as a rub. The last one was named West African Curry and it contained many spices, Himalayan Pink Salt and Grains of Paradise. It is used mainly on fish. We were ready to go!

I have to say that my family truly enjoyed each of the different spices. I prepared chicken, steak, fish and then a Spanish dish and used all of the spices (at different times, of course). They were amazed at how the spices enhanced the flavor of each dish prepared. These spices were so non-conventional; not just salt and pepper but a real blend of sweet, spicy and tantalizing. They enjoyed all of the spices but particularly liked the Harissa spice which I used on many different dishes; even scrambled eggs! They’d highly recommend adding these different spices to everyone’s meals. Breaks up the monotony of just the traditional salt and pepper spicing of meals.

With that being said, I’d tell everyone to check out the Teeny Tiny Spice Company, which are made in one of New England’s own, Vermont. Please visit their website at: www.teenytinyspice.com for more information. Get ready to ‘spice’ up your life!

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