Snoozing is great with my snoozies!

Comfy fleece-lined footwear

When I travel I always make sure that I bring along a pair of lightweight slippers or slipper socks.  It’s nice to be able to keep my feet warm, have an option to those business pumps (or hiking boots as the case may be), and not worry about the precious space it takes in my too-tightly-packed luggage. 

I was lucky enough to be asked to try out Snoozies new foot coverings.  I can’t quite call them slippers, because they are soft and enveloping like fleece-lined socks.  But they come up to the ankles, making them look more like slippers than the plastic-soled slipper-socks.  “Foot coverings” sounds too mechanical to describe something so cozy, so I’ll stick with the brand name Snoozies to describe this hybrid category, somewhere between slipper-socks and slippers.

I was quite impressed by the variety.  I normally have only one or two designs to choose from, but Snoozies has so many designs I didn’t know which one to pick!  They even have ‘bling’ Snoozies.  Impressive!

I liked the pair I received, which were red and pink because it was close to Christmas and I figured that my feet might as well be all decked out.  I absolutely loved them!  Mine had a little strap that made the Snoozie look more like a shoe than a foot covering.  They packed really nicely into my backpack. It was so nice to put these on after being in heels all day.  I am sold!

Snoozies are also washable and are sold in more than 6,000 shops and boutiques across the USA and cost around $12 (a bit more for special designs).  Pick up a pair of Snoozies, and keep those tootsies of yours warm.

Please visit their website at: for more information.

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