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Trying the Honysuckle Ferroniere

When I think of the arrival of summer, I not only think about long walks on the beaches with hubby and our dogs or maybe some clam cakes and chowder, but I also think about what I am going to do with my long hair when it gets unbearably hot! It is always a challenge in the summer to find different ways to keep my hair off of my neck and allowing me to feel cool and refreshed. I usually opt for a hair tie or a hair clip, but they can be so, well, humdrum. I wanted something stylish, easy to use and didn’t cost more than my house! I knew someone would come up with something!

A company known as “Beyond the Veil” (created by Summer Spencer) wanted to know if I would be willing to try out one of their new pieces that had just been designed and recently released to the public. Before I responded, I wanted to check out the product because I was not sure if I would be reviewing a veil. (And, I really didn’t want to review a veil either.) The piece that they wanted me to wear is called a ferroniere, which I was later to learn meant Hair Jewelry. It is actually a headband that is adorned with 2 suede bands that each have their own alligator clip. And, it attaches right to the hair and not the head. I wanted to see for myself what this looked like so I said yes.

In a couple of days, I received the Honeysuckle Ferroniere. The artificial flower looked nice and it felt like it was made from honeysuckle-yellow silk fabric (I couldn’t actually what it was made of so I am assuming it was made from silk). In the center of the flower were tiny yellow beads that added to the beauty of the ferroniere plus the suede bands and clips. I read the instructions on the back (and there is actually a video on their website to help you with this) and it seemed to be pretty easy to use.

First, I decided to just wear it as a ponytail and wrapped my hair very tightly with the bands. I was actually surprised at how long my hair kept in a ponytail with the ferroniere. Usually just after a couple of hours I have to rearrange my hair all over again because it would fall out of the hair tie. Not with the ferroniere! It stayed securely on my hair all day (and this is great, considering that I am a teacher and don’t really have the time to fool around with my hair).

The other style that I chose to do was clipping the flower to the side of my head (this was in their video on their website) and wrap the ties around my hair in the back, securing with the clips. It was amazing that this little ferroniere headband could make me look pretty darn good! I could just imagine how nice it would look on a young woman going to a prom, or a fancy dinner with someone special and even to wear on someone’s wedding day. Just the right amount of dressiness.

I also liked the fact that it didn’t cost more than my house! For a minimal amount, $19.99 actually, someone would be able to purchase the ferroniere and have it shipped directly to their home (shipping charges applied).

They do make a variety of other sytles, some that include beads rather than a suede ties, and others that include ornate sparklies that would be perfect for making a beautiful bride even more beautiful.

I would recommend the ferroniere to anyone that wants to try something new and different by making an eye-catching new hairstyle. I also would recommend maybe purchasing a few of them so you can accessorize with your outfits. Check out their catalog at: and glance at the other pieces of Hair Jewelry (and veils) that they have to offer.

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