Say Je T’aime and be bubbly surprised!

A taste of Je t'ame sparkling rose wine

Ah, the holidays…they always seem to pass by far too quickly as far as I am concerned.  I always love the getting together with family, friends and neighbors and enjoying the festivities.  Good food, scrumptious sweet temptations and always an assortment of mouth-watering beverages to compliment the cuisine. What can be better than that!

 Now there’s another holiday just around the corner with promises of sweet treats, luscious fragrances and romance galore — Valentine’s Day — a day for Hallmark lovers to find just the right card to give to just the right person with just the right saying and hopes of just the right response.  There’ll be bouquets of deep-red roses, heart shaped confections, and maybe even a little ‘Bling’!  And, how about a bottle of incredible wine to celebrate in style?

Vampire Vineyards has just the right bottle of wine to celebrate the extra chocolaty, extra sweet smelling, and extra huggy day; Je T’aime. Je T’aime Brut Rose Sparking Wine is made from the pinot grape and brings to the table a fresh and inviting new taste for Rose wines.  This wine’s delicate rose color is due to the short amount of time that the skin remains on the Pinot Noir grape.  This would be an ideal gift for someone special and falls right into the color scheme of Valentine’s Day with its pink and red color themes.

I tend to be a ‘red wine’ type of gal’ and was a little hesitant on how well received this wine would be from me when asked to review it.  I have to say that I was quite surprised that I actually liked it.  The wine was clean, crisp and refreshing; with just the right amounts of strawberry and raspberry fruit.  I liked the fact that the taste lingered for a while and didn’t disappear with the last sip.

When I have a glass of wine, I don’t necessarily pair it with any particular type of food.  Sometimes I do and sometimes, I just like to have a nice glass of wine.  The Je T’aime is that kind of wine, where I could enjoy it before a meal, with a meal or after a meal.  It wasn’t sweet, so I could enjoy it with the main course and not feel like I was having my dessert with the entrée.

I would recommend this wine to anyone that likes a crisp, clean refreshing type of wine  that warrants the desire for more. Just like Valentine’s Day! As far as I am concerned, Je T’aime Brut Rose Sparking Wine is a wine that I would purchase , even considering that fact that I am a ‘red wine type of gal’.  It was that good!

The bottle comes with a pink-foiled top and the rich rose color presents itself beautifully.  It sells for $19.95 and can be purchased online at: Please visit their website for more detail on this and other wines.  And, don’t forget to read how Vampire Vineyards started!  It’s devilishy good!

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