Saved by a Whale’s Tail

Keeping your tablet stable and positioned

With all of the really cool gadgets on the market for our electronics,  life can become very confusing, with adapters, plug-ins, holders, chargers, earplugs, stands, covers, jackets, wireless devices and pretty much anything else you can think of to help make the world of electronics easier.  One problem I often come across when talking to people about their electronics was how to hold their iPad or Nook.  Instead of putting it in their lap, or placing it on top of some books or in front of their computer screen, it never seemed to be the ‘right’ way to place it securely.  Welcome the ‘Vacuum dock and Whale tail’; a unique device whereas its design mimics a whales tail as the support base for their product.  Handy, practical and by all means, unique!

I had a family member try the Vacuum dock and Whale tail,  (it comes as two separate pieces) since he is the family electronics expert.  A little skeptical at first he wasn’t sure if he could use such a device with his electronics but, he opted to give it a try.  He values his electronics tremendously so when using something that is supposed to help support them, he wanted to make absolutely sure that it would. 

The Vacuum dock, which attaches to the back of an iPad, or other electronics, proved to be very effective.  With just s few pumps, the cup fit securely to the back of his device.  Not wanting to ruin his iPad, he placed a pillow in his lap and then held the iPad just by the suction cup itself, to see how strong it was.  He shook it slightly (for fear of damaging anything) and it still maintained its strength.

Then, the ultimate challenge was inserting the ‘Whale tail’ into the suction cup and resting the iPad on top of that. Again, for fear of having his iPad fall on the table and shatter, he placed a pillow under the entire device.  Miraculously, it did what it was suppose to do; support the iPad and free up his hands to do other things, like watch a movie, prepare dinner and talk on the phone at the same time.  Multi-tasking has just met its match!

If you are in need of something that would keep your hands free while using your electronics, it might make a good addition to your gadget lists.  It’s very secure, and so light and compact that it fits neatly into your tablet’s carrying case.   I’d suggest checking the website for more information on this product and where it can be purchased for about $49.99.  Read the reviews! A++++

For more information, please visit:  Happy ‘whale watching’!



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