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Salad dressings from San-J

I wonder how many people can honestly say that they love to eat salad on a daily basis. I don’t mean just lettuce and tomato because that isn’t a salad to me, but with lots of vegetables, cheeses, olives, nuts, sunflower seeds and croutons. Now that’s a salad! Anyway, how many say that they can eat salad every day? You have one here — I can eat ‘rabbit food’ on a daily basis, as long as it has a good dressing to compliment it. How about you?

By salad dressings I mean something a bit more favorable than oil and vinegar (and maybe some garlic for spice) — something that brings out the real taste of each and every vegetable and begging us to devour even more. San-J products may be just the solution to those that want more than just ordinary in their lives. Or for those who like me have gluten allergies and have to read every single ingredient before they eat something. San-J has it all.

I was so excited to be asked to review their salad dressings. I have tried their gluten free soy sauce before and loved it, so I was thrilled when they sent to me their Tamari Sesame Salad Dressing, Tamari Peanut Salad Dressing and their Tamari Ginger Salad Dressing. All of these looked so delicious I didn’t know which one to try but, I eventually started with the Tamari Ginger salad dressing. Before I tell you about this dressing I want to emphasize that their sauces are all gluten free/wheat free.

I used just a teaspoon of the salad dressing to start (for fear of over saturating my food). The rich blend of ginger, soy sauce and onion quickly excited my taste buds. I felt like I was eating the freshest of fresh food with the boldness of the ginger. Ginger is one of my favorite spices to add to just about anything I eat so I can tell you that this was my favorite of all the sauces. Not being biased, right?

I had one of my sons try the Sesame salad dressing. The dressing consisted of pure sesame oil, ground sesame, whole sesame, Tamari soy sauce, sugar, onion and arrowroot. It was so bountiful in flavor that it could also be used as a marinade for poultry (or maybe fish). It was a nice compliment to the salad and the flavor lingered for a long time after.

The Peanut salad dressing was a favorite of another of my sons. He loves anything with peanuts! The dressing consisted of peanut butter, Tamari soy sauce, water, sugar, apple vinegar, whey, sake, ginger and cilantro — a real nice mix of spices added to the flavor of the dressing. He said that he really liked the cilantro and peanut butter blend which enhanced the flavors of the salad.

I would definitely suggest trying out the San-J’s products, not only because they are gluten free but also because they taste awesome! Many of their products can be found in most local stores which is great. For more information on these fantastic tasting products, please visit their website at: Enjoy!

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