Reliving Christmas Memories with Miracle on 34th Street, the Musical

Ocean State Theater's 2013 Christmas Show

Everyone has their own special and unique Christmas traditions and memories, and it’s important to recapture some of the most magical memories. After attending this year’s Christmas production at Ocean State Theater, “Miracle on 34th Street, the Musical”, I am in the mood to bring up some of my favorite Christmas memories.


Photos by Mark Turek


Some of my more memorable moments were when I was a child. My brothers and I would wake up just shortly after Santa Claus came and delivered our Christmas presents. We would each grab our blanket off our bed along with a pillow, then we would each find a spot under the tree and make a make shift sleeping bag out of our blanket. One of us would then plug in the Christmas lights and turn on the heat to the house. After getting all settled and comfy my brother and I would start organizing the presents in order of who they were for. I remember it almost was like a contest to see who had more. Somehow, it always seemed like my younger brother Craig would always win. Guess Santa felt bad that the second oldest brother Sean and I were picking on him all year.

As we sat there for hours waiting for that 6am deadline so we could wake up mom, we would try and rip the corners of the wrapping paper on our presents to sneak a little peak. Our actions were always in vain because we could never get through Santa’s pro wrapping job. We then would set our sights on our Christmas stockings as they were always filled with candy and little gadgets that we would play with to occupy the time.

After what seemed like an eternity, the sun would slowly creep through the window shades, signaling that the time to wake mom was close. My brothers and I watched the clock as though it was a countdown to a space shuttle launch. Five, four, three, two, one… time to wake mom! We would all run to mom’s room, jump on her bed and yell “Mom Santa came!”

We Followed her every step of the way until she reach the living room. My mother then would then sit down on the couch with her camera in one hand and her morning coffee in the other, watching us as we tore into that wrapping paper. As each of us opened our gifts, my mother would snap a picture, making sure not to miss one moment. Eventually the living room rug would be completely covered In scraps of ripped up wrapping paper, bows, and string.

As things were settling down and my brothers and I were pre occupied by our new gifts, my mother would always make us a Christmas breakfast of anything of our choosing. After filling our bellies, it was time for cleanup duty. As a kid growing up I had lots of chores and always hated doing them; dusting, doing the dishes, laundry you name it. But when it came to cleaning up that sea of wrapping paper, I always took the time to relish the moment; I didn’t want Christmas to end. Knowing once the trash bag was full and the living room was clean, that was it, no more waiting, no more surprises, no more anticipation. Christmas was over.

A lot of people tend to forget what makes the holidays important. Granted Christmas might mean something else to other people, but in the end it comes down to surrounding yourself by loved ones having a good time and sharing your love.

Most of the time during the Christmas season my family and I would watch Christmas specials on the TV. One of my favorite childhood Christmas movies was A Miracle on 34th Street. The movie hit home to me as a child because the daughter of the lead in the movie had lost her Christmas spirit. That the same was happening to me, but that movie always seemed to cheer me up. So when I heard that the Ocean State Theater Company was doing a musical version of the classic movie, I jumped at the chance to watch it.

The Ocean State Theater Company pretty much nailed this production out of the park. The ensemble included a great cast of actors, musicians and staging. Not only were the actors great at setting the atmosphere, the setting of the whole theater fit perfectly for the holidays to get you in the mood. There were moments where I felt like a child again, waiting with my brothers by the tree counting down the minutes until we could wake mom. The performance won’t just get you in the holiday spirit but it will remind you of how important the little things are during the holiday season.

Miracle on 34th Street, The Musical will be presented at Ocean State Theatre from December 4 – 29. Performances will be held Wednesday (except December 11 & 25) through Saturday evenings at 7:30 pm, with matinees on Thursdays (except December 19 & 26), Saturdays at 2:00 pm (except December 28) and Sundays at 2:00 pm. A special Sunday evening performance has also been scheduled for December 15 at 6:30pm. Conducting Conversations Live!, a free post-show discussion hosted by WCRI’s Mike Maino, will follow the 2pm performance on Sunday, December 8. The new post show Piano Bar Series, will continue with “Under the Mistletoe” and will be held following Friday and Saturday evening performances (beginning at approximately 10:15 pm) in the theatre’s lobby on December 20 and 21.

For information or tickets, visit online, or call the boxoffice at (401) 921-6800.



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