Quenching thirst AND helping the environment

Pura's BPA-Free Stainless Steel Water Bottles

We live in a world that is constantly changing, producing new and incredible items that make our busy lives even easier. There are the computers, the iPads, and the iPhones, cars that run on electricity, plastic water bottles and the list goes on and on. With all of these new inventions comes a multitude of other concerns, such as expense, waste, breakage and malfunctions. One of the biggest concerns these days is waste. With new inventions comes more waste, higher costs and bigger and better everything. Making life easier is great for the busy families of today, but it comes with a huge concern for its effects on the environment. And waste is a HUGE problem in today’s world.

Take for instance the plastic water bottle. For years, when someone was thirsty, they would get a glass of water from the faucet, find the nearest water fountain or carry a thermos. Then along came the plastic water bottle. No more water fountains or stopping at the nearest convenience store to get something to drink. The plastic water bottle is found practically everywhere nowadays. At the gym, at home, in the car, in the office, in a move theater, by the bedside and just about anywhere else. Life has been made easier with the plastic water bottle BUT they create a huge amount of waste.

As a result of concern about the waste from plastic water bottles, there has been a huge influx by manufacturers of types of water bottle, ranging from aluminum to stainless steel, all promising that they are the best on the market. Maybe they are, but now there is a big concern about BPA (bisphenol A – a chemical that has been used since the 1960’s to make some plastics and resins) in the bottles. Now what? There is a company, PURA, that prides itself in the manufacturing of toxin-free, durable and cost effective pure stainless steel bottle. I had the pleasure of being offered to try one out and I was quite pleased.

I was never one to use the plastic bottles so it was either a thermos or water fountain so this was going to be a new treat for me! I received a bright lime-colored water bottle and knew, just by looking at the color, that this was going to work for me (I lose things constantly but I don’t think I will with the bright lime green coloring). Even though it is stainless steel, it is really lightweight, not heavy and bulky like other stainless steel bottles I have used in the past. And, even the bottle top is made of stainless steel, so no need to worry about any BPA reside in the cover at all.

I was really impressed about the quality of the stainless steel so I started to read further about why PURA instead of other stainless steel water bottles. Well, PURA uses #304 food grade stainless steel, the kind that we have seen being used in restaurant kitchens. To my knowledge, I have never seen rusty utensils being used in any restaurants. That’s the kind of stainless steel that is used in PURA’s water bottles. Plus, manufactures of other stainless steel water bottles use a coating on the interior of the bottle, stating that it will improve the quality of the product, which in essence, all it does is release more toxins into the water. PURA does not require an interior coating because of the #304 stainless steel that they use to make their products. Works for me.

My husband, ever the practical one, says that an uncoated, food grade stainless steel would hold up better than his current aluminum bottle if he had to boil water over a campfire.  I’m keeping my new water bottle out of his hands since there is no telling what a campfire would do to the pretty green exterior.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that wants a quality product AND is concerned about the environment AND doesn’t want to spend a huge amount of money!

PURA also produces water bottles for all stages of life, including infant, toddlers and of course, adults. Prices ranges from $13.99 to about $27.99, depending on the size. PURA also makes nipples and replacement parts for their product. I would recommend visiting their website at: https://www.purastainless.com and see for yourself what PURA has to offer.

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