Peanut butter and jelly in a drink??

A special vodka from Van Gogh

One of my most utmost favorite sandwiches in the world is Peanut Butter and Jelly. Can you believe that? I am in my fifties and I still would choose a PB & J sandwich over a ham and cheese sandwich. Add a nice cold glass of milk and I am all set for the night !Now, since I am so fond of this sandwich, I learned that there is a company that makes peanut butter & jelly vodka. Yep, this is very true! Van Gogh Vodka, the leader in developing different flavors for their ‘spirits’ has been able to blend its unique tasting vodka with rich aromas and the boldest of flavors to produce an extraordinary new taste.

The Van Gogh Vodka is produced in the family owned Royal Dirkzwager distillery in Schiedam, Holland. This distillery has been producing fine spirits since 1879 and has been passed down through generations of Voss’. The process of making the Van Gogh Vodka starts with pure, clean water, the finest of grains and the exquisite taste from a variety of fruits. The vodka then goes through another process of distillation and then is infused with the different flavors. In order to produce the finest, smooth tasting vodka, this last process takes about six weeks to process and the results are truly the best-flavored vodkas in the world.

I was truly amazed at how long the process of making the Van Gogh Flavored Vodkas took that I almost forgot the sample that they had sent to me. I love reading the history of how different companies, organizations, etc, evolved as I believe that the knowledge of what was involved in making has a real impact on the present day products. Such is so with the Van Gogh Vodka.

It was finally time to taste the vodka and I was very excited. Actually, I didn’t have a clue as to how they were going to mix the flavor of peanut butter and jelly into a drink. And, it’s not just any jelly, but jelly that is made with the freshest of raspberries. Well….. It was amazing. Beyond amazing! At the first sip, I was greeted with the taste of juicy, ripe raspberries, followed by an introduction of peanut butter. The taste lingered for a while which I really like when tasting something that is truly unique. There were undertones of graininess and crisp clean tasting water, complimented with the richness of the PB&J. It tasted so much like a PB&J sandwich, but only in liquid form. Is that possible?

I also liked the PB&J Vodka by itself; not mixed with something else. Having it that way allowed me to truly taste the peanut butter and jelly. I let it savor in my mouth for awhile before swallowing. It tasted that good! After having it alone, I decided to mix the Vodka and some soda water. Still, the PB&J was very strong tasting, almost as if the soda water actually enhanced the flavor. Either way, I was very pleased with results.
Who would I recommend to try this vodka? Anybody! Anybody that likes to try something new and different; anybody that likes good vodka; anybody that likes to have a nice drink after dinner. It’s really that good.

Van Gogh PB&J vodka is now being sold in many liquor stores around the U.S. The cost for this particular vodka is $26.00 for a 750 ml bottle. I would suggest visiting their website at: to indulge yourself with the many varieties of new flavors. It’s a go!

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