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Leaf Peeping In Rhode Island

A guide to the fall foliage in the Ocean State

The untouched forests of Rhode Island vanished in the early 1800’s, burned for the charcoal that fed the era’s iron forges and creating the iconic patchwork of stone-walled farms that blanketed the rolling hills of New England. But the bucolic scenery so familiar from Currier and Ives prints existed for just a generation; over the […]

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Dining in Whimsey

Dinner at the Treehouse Tavern

  It is really nice to visit a restaurant that is so different that you just have to let the world know about it. So, that is what I am going to do! My husband and I did the usual drive down Route 2’s “Restaurant Row”, but Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, and On the Border […]

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Woods and Seashore

An easy hike to Rome Point through the John H. Chaffee Nature Preserve

Tucked away in a remote corner of a southern town in Rhode Island lies a trail that will take you away from all of the mundane stressors of life. Located on Route 1 South, near the Gilbert Stuart Museum on the east side of the road before the exit to the Jamestown Bridge is your […]

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Spooky-good Fun

The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo

The acclaimed Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, presented by Citizens Bank, has returned to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence with shows running nightly from through November 1st. This highly anticipated annual fall tradition features a breathtaking display of 5000 illuminated jack-o-lanterns, with over 125 of them artistically carved and displayed in scenes to play out the annual […]

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Carving Up A Masterpiece!

Pumpkin Carving Secrets From the Roger Williams Park Zoo Jack O' Lantern Spectacular

Probably the most asked questions about the Roger William Zoo’s Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular have to do with carving technique – what are the secrets of the Spectacular’s expert carvers? Carving pictures courtesy of Passion for Pumpkins Here are some tips from the experts on how to get crafty with pumpkin carving. Carve the hole […]

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English Holiday Celebration in New England

The Misquamicut Players Bring Guy Fawkes Day Reenactment and Bonfire to Rhode Island

  The folks in Misquamicut celebrate Guy Gawkes Day with a play, bonfire, and firewords, but  who the heck is Guy Fawkes? The story begins in 1605, when Guy Fawkes (also known as Guido-yes, really) and a group of coconspirators attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The conspirators were angered because King James […]

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Images of a North Country Autumn

Poetic Thoughts, Driving along Route 102

Beautiful Scituate and Burrilville and Foster and Gloucester and Chepachet and so many more little towns and cities that are scattered throughout the northern area of Rhode Island make a drive in the country ever so inviting. Slipping down Route 102, you can see the autumn arena right before your eyes.   Pumpkins are displayed […]

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Overcoming Travel Fears

Facing the Fear of Flying

    How can we keep traveling and overcome our fear of flying? 1. Become an Educated Traveler – Make travel decisions based on actual facts rather than on panicked reports. Listen to the experts! Aviation and security experts are diligently working to keep all travelers safe. Television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet are providing […]

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And Beyond RI

Travel Product Reviews


Keeping our valuables safe in a “small” way

Spibelt for Travel Safety

Whether I am taking a walk with my dog, going out for a hike or working out at the gym, I am always worried about how to keep my money (and valuables) safe. I don’t want to have to tote around a pocket book or backpack all day, which can be very annoying when I […]

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A Leisurely Walk with your Dog Made Easier!

A look at the inventive "Leisure Leash"

I love to walk with my dog into the deep woods — “off leash”. Yes, I walk my dog around the neighborhood with a leash because you never know about the maniacs in our neighborhood, but I prefer letting my dog run free and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. However, when I […]

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Traveling with your kids just got a little better

Thanks to the National Geographic Almanac

Going on a family vacation is one of the best part of being a parent. All that planning and packing and who’s going to watch the cat and what about the mail and did will fill up the car yet and… well, it can get a little hectic at times but in the end, it’s […]

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Pure Water with Every Sip

Testing the Zerowater self-filtering tumbler

Water is essential for the human body to survive. Considering that the body is made up of approximately 65% water, drinking water on a daily basis helps the body function better. More and more people are drinking water daily and they do so in a number of different ways. Bottled water, water filtration systems in […]

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Feasting at the Big Game with Chipotle Mexican Grill Catering

Even if your team isn’t playing this year, you can throw the best Super Bowl party on the block with the catering options from Chipotle Mexican Grill. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or a small group of friends, Chipotle has several choices for football fans everywhere. The Chipotle folks catered last year’s Superbowl party. […]

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Cute as a Bee

I am always fascinated with new inventions, especially those that really make sense. There are so many creative products that I am across in my reviews that I wonder why this hadn’t been invented before. Recently, I had a chance to review a really cute and innovative product that I need to mention to my […]

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Teaching the Kids to Grow

Soilless planting with DuneCraft

There’s a special joy in growing a plant from seed. Starting with a tiny dry pellet, with a bit of nurturing, and growing into a beautiful flower or perhaps even a plant that provides food gives that unique blessing of being a provider of life, no matter who you are. The folks at DuneCraft have […]

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A Brush For Wet Hair

Packing the Wet Brush for a weekend getaway

While traveling is one of the greatest joys in life, there is always the dreaded chore of what to pack.  Besides the clothes and cosmetics that have to be packed there are other items that I don’t normally think of until there is the need for it.  The excitement of discovering a new place turns nerve-jangling when I […]

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Pistachio Snack Bar?

Enjoying Pistachio Bites

When it comes to snacking, I have to say I love pistachio nuts. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that my favorite color is green and so is a pistachio nut, but they just taste so darn good! Once a bag of pistachio nuts is placed in front of me I have […]

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Hold it with a Shouldit

A scarf with hidden pockets

I just hate carrying a purse; absolutely hate it! It is always slipping off my shoulder when I am walking somewhere and then it flops in front of me and I get all tangled up and, more than I can say, frustrated! Or, struggling at the checkout line trying to shove everything back into my […]

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