One of a kind is still something to think about

Wood-inlaid rings by Johan

There are still those times in our lives where we want to do something really special for those we care about. We want to find something that is truely unique, exciting, and we know will put a big smile on their faces. Of course can you find something that is produced in volume, but that’s not unique. And if it isn’t mass-produced, then it’s extremely expensive.

One option would be is to check out the local artists in the area, or, visit and see for yourself what exquisite and beautiful jewelry Johan Rust has created. His passion for making beautiful hand crafted rings from wood and different metals started when he was only 12 and now he has a successful business.

Johan’s P.R. department asked if I wanted to sample one of his rings … well, I jumped at the chance to try something so unique as a ring made of metal and inlay of wood. I received a beautiful ring that was made of titanium with a reddish wood inlay. The inlay is actually an Amboyna burl. It comes from the Narra tress and has a light fragrance to it. The ring had a matt finish, though it could have been polished, sandblasted or brushed. It is absolutely gorgeous! I have had so many comments on the ring and when I tell them that the inlay is made of wood, they are unbelievably amazed.

After wearing the ring for a few days, I wanted to see if it was waterproof as stated. I washed dishes with the ring on, washed my hands numerous times and each time, the ring remained intact and didn’t have any effect on the wood.

I also liked the fact that some of the rings had interchangeable inlays, which meant that you can have an ingraved metal ring that always stays the same, just change the inlay and you have a completely different ring for whatever mood or occasion you want.

The quality of the metal used is superb. I liked the titanium metal with its smooth finish, allowing the ring to slip off easily. Other metals can be used, such as Silver, 18K Gold, Titanium, Palladium and Damascus and can be customized into a one of a kind ring for that special person. My husband tells me that the Damascus looks like it was made like the famous Damascus sword blades with spots and swirls unique to each piece of metal.

Johan’s rings can be purchased online from his website: While there, make sure to check out his other rings, some of which start as low as $59, but with some made of gold and have inlays of meteorites and precious stones, the price goes up from there. Just browsing his website was a joy to see how he had created so many beautiful designs.

One of a kind has never been so special!

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