No Wobbly Turkey Necks

Testing Nexercise

I’m not always checking myself to make sure that every line, crease and wrinkle is covered in a fashionable way.  Maybe I might dot some mascara and eye shadow on, but really, that is about it.  But, and I mean but, I told myself that I never want to get one of those turkey looking necks that seem to happen to both men and women as they age.  Not me, or so I thought.

It all seemed to start about 2 years ago when I was glancing in the mirror, plucking out a few grey hairs that seemed to just magically appear when I noticed it; the dreaded turkey looking neck!  My worse nightmare staring back at me in the mirror, with all its ugliness hanging below my chin.  Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit about how large the gobbler was, but it was there.   Maybe surgery might help?

Mama Mio, founded in London by four beauty experts, believe that their new product is the right solution for that turkey gobbler neck.  They named their product Nexercise, meaning ‘exercise for the neck’ and that’s exactly what it does.  The process for getting rid of the ‘gobbler look’ involves using their highly concentrated cream along the neck and jaw line and then two exercises, Chin up and The Auderey, that help to firm up the neck. 

The solution is a highly concentrated mixture of Peptamide 6™, Prodew 400™, Fision Soy Lift™, Tritisol™, Collageneer™, Phylderm Vegetal C2™, BVOCS™, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, each providing their own specific formula that makes Nexercise cream a powerful and effective in treating that ‘wobbly neck’ that so many of us detest.  But remember that the two exercises mentioned earlier are necessary to in making sure that the neck stays fit and firm for the days to come.

I really liked how light the cream felt and it applied easily.  I expected a heavier cream because of all the ingredients and was afraid that I would have to spend a long time trying to work the cream into my neck, but, that wasn’t the case at all.  It was almost as if I was splashing my neck with water; it was that light in texture.  

I faithfully performed my exercises daily and sometimes even twice a day (especially when I was watching television).  And, before retiring for the evening,  I applied the cream and let the magic happen.  Though I never considered  myself  to be one with a ‘wobbly gobbler’ neck but I guess I did have one. 

To be honest with everyone, I really didn’t believe that this product would work after all, it was just one more product to saturate the cosmetics industry.  However,  after about 3 weeks, I started to notice those few oversized wrinkles (actually, turkey gobbler) on my neck to become less significant and firmer to the touch.  Maybe this was something I really needed to keep on my shelf. 

I continued to use the Nexercise cream and exercised daily for almost a year since first receiving this product.  I can honestly say that this does work.  Finally, a manufacturer that is true to what they say their product can do. And, not only does it work, but also no one will go bankrupt buying it. For just $45,  those ‘turkey necks’ will be a thing of the past (as the many other ‘promising to get rid of’ turkey necks products USE to say)!

For more information on product description and where to purchase, please visit their website at: Gooble  Gooble?






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