No more playing peek-a-boo with our passports!

Hipbagz Passport for Important Papers


Who doesn’t like to travel?  If someone says they don’t, they are probably lying because I cannot imagine someone not wanting to see the world!  Ok, maybe there are a few that are homebodies and but of course; they are the ones waiting at home for their world traveler.  Anyway, traveling is great, but getting prepared for the trip isn’t that much fun… especially packing.


Now, with airplanes charging $25 and more for a checked bag, people are trying to keep their luggage down to a carry on and maybe a checked bag.  So, in order for that to happen, everything has to be packed tighter, in smaller quantities and maybe taking less, opting to visit a laundry.  Oh, and then there’s all of the paperwork that we need to have while going through the security lines at the airport.  Even more so when traveling abroad because now there is the passport that has to be presented at practically every gate, and even traveling to familiar countries can be considered “abroad”.


Leave it to the makers of Hipzbags to come up with an idea to keep the passport conveniently in sight and not fear losing it.  I was asked to sample their new passport Hipzbag while I was on a trip to Texas.   Not that I needed to carry a passport but it was a good place to store all of the paperwork that we needed when going through the security lines.


My Hipzbag passport bag consisted of a soft dark brown faux leather bag with a flap on the front.  The bag measured 5.5” H and 5.5” wide, more than enough for my passport, cell phone and paperwork. The inside had a pocket so items can be kept separated and the belt that fits around the hips can fit 46.5” in width.  HappilyI had to adjust the sizing down a bit!


I was really impressed with the passport bag for a number of reasons.  I am always afraid of misplacing an important paper or ID.  And, then there is the endless fumbling through my pocketbook to find the papers while a million glaring eyes from behind remind me to hurry up.  And, then there is the most annoying problem of all and that is having a bulky pocketbook with the strap on the shoulder!  Oh how I hate that strap as it is constantly falling off my shoulder, causing me to stop to fix it, which causes more glaring eyes at me and a greater fear on my part that I am definitely going to lose something right before I get on the plane.  Having the strap rest comfortably on my hips is a major relief to me.


Then there is the convenience of being able to fit your cell phone in the bag and being able to feel it vibrate when that last minute call comes in right before having to board the plane.  Who really wants to board a plane stressed?   Trying to find my seat, asking the person in my seat to move and then trying to squeeze everything into that over-head apartment stresses me already so I don’t need anymore stress about keeping my paperwork right where I can find it and I know it won’t be lost because the Hipzbag passport bag has zippered compartments to keep it safe!


I have used Hipzbags before, as a replacement for a pocketbook when I just don’t feel like carrying my life’s belongings on my shoulder.  Now, with the passport bag, I will still be able to carry my life’s belongings on my shoulder AND have all of my necessary paperwork right at hand in the Hipzbag.  Pretty neat if you ask me.


Hipzbags come in a variety of colors, materials and sizes so it would be best to visit their website at:   Pricing, availability and where to purchase is also on the website.  Happy trails!


  • fredtherabbit

    there are many reasons why someone would not enjoy traveling. let’s not assume that everyone must think like us just because we can’t assume something different from our own views.

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