Nice Warm Socks Without Gadgets

Checking out Heatholders

One thing that bothers me more than anything else when I am outside in the cold is for my feet to get cold. My face, hands, body and even my head can get frigid cold but when my feet get cold, I am done. Back to the house to put on another pair of socks and hope for the best. Please, don’t ask me to buy those warmer thingies that you can put in gloves or boots to keep me warm because in my opinion, they are just a waste of money and make an uncomfortable lump in my shoes. And I want something that will keep my feet warm all the time without having to buy any additional gadgets to do that.

And yes, there is a company that does make these heated socks that I so desperately need. Having been in the yarn business since 1947, they wanted to go in a different direction and started to sell socks. Not just any sock, they decided to make the perfect thermal sock. Thus, Heatholders. No batteries, no little heat warming pouches but just using the heat from our own body that would keep our feet toasty warm for a very long time.

Heatholders was such a success in the US that the company expanded to other countries including the USA. Great news for me and my cold toes!

Now I am going to tell you how Heathholders socks are the warmest socks, ever! The socks are made in three stages. The first stage in the manufacturing is the use of an insulating yard to design the sock. The second stage is to construct the sock using a long loop thermal pile which is brushed vigorously. The final stage is the result of our body’s heat being trapped by these tightly woven socks, keeping the heat closer to the skin and lasting for a very long time. And, they do exactly that!

Though I wasn’t the lucky one to try out the socks, one of my other reviewers was. His name is Sean. He wore the socks to school one day (he teaches at UMass) not knowing what to expect. It was a cold day and since he walks two miles and takes the subway, his feet would normally feel as if they were frozen by the time he got to schoolbut, they didn’t. In fact, he said his feet remained around the same temperature all day. He was a little worried about his feet sweating but they didn’t. The socks are designed to keep the feet warm, but not to sweat. That is so neat!

Sean also said that the care of the Heatholders was relatively easy, washing in warm water, line dry or tumble with no heat and no bleach. Pretty much the same care of his regular day socks. He was pleased with the price, at $15.99. He planned on buying a pair of Heatholders as a Christmas gift for a friend who also walks to work.

He said he would recommend these socks to anyone that has been troubled with cold feet or just want to feel toasty and cozy.

Everyone, please check out their website at: to view other styles, where to purchase and read about how Heatholders will be the best thing since the cell phone! Well, almost.

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