Music on the Run

Testing the Armpocket

Exercising, particularly on long walks through the neighborhood or (shudder) on a treadmill goes a whole lot smoother when we listen to our favorite music.  Modern cell phones and MP3 players make it easy, but the constant movement, a shortage of pockets, and entangling cords make music on the run a bit complicated.   Even when we’re not exercising, it’s always nice to have case to hold our music, no matter why we are moving.

One of my helpers had me looking for an armband to hold his music player, keys, and license.   Simple, easy and secure.  The folks at Armpocket must have read his mind when they asked me to review their “Arm Pockets”.  Just the name itself sounds sturdy. Anyway, their Arm Pocket was more than just versatile, being able to carry keys, cash, credit cards and a cell phone/MP3 player, but it was also sturdy and comfortable at the same time.  Ok, works for me!

My helper has a very large phone (Galaxy Note 2) so he needed a big case. The folks at Armpocket sent me the i-35, which measures 6.0 x 3.75 x .25, big enough for both his phone and his MP3 player.  He’s also 6’7” so he needed the largest arm band possible.  The i-35 comes in three different strap lengths, S (7” – 11”), M (10” – 15”), and L (13” – 18”), big enough for even his bulging biceps.

When I gave the reviewer his case, he was amazed that he was actually able to have a case that fit his new phone.  He immediately took the case, checked out the inside, (it has three different compartments), made sure that the strap fit around his large upper arm, made sure it wouldn’t slip off his arm, (the Arm Pocket is made of eco-friendly material) and that the material would be breathable, (he perspires profusely when walking or running).   And, the Arm Pocket is also washable, water resistant and has a touch control window which was another plus for this reviewer.  He was ready to try it out!

And he did, the same day he received it to review.  All he did was rave about how awesome the Arm Pocket was.  He said he wasn’t worried at all about his new cell phone dropping, or slipping out of the holder because it was so secure (zippers and arm band).  He was amazed when he took the Arm Pocket off that there were no perspiration marks at all, especially considering how much her perspires.

The extra compartments were another plus because he hates to carry his keys in his pocket for fear of losing them.  But, he was able to fit them in the Arm Pocket without any issues.  He said to tell all the readers to go out and buy one.  Prices range from $20-$40 and are definitely worth every penny.  Please visit their website at:


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