Morning Coffee Just Got Easier!

Enjoy Jiva Coffee Cubes

When I wake up in the morning, I leave just the right amount of time for me to get ready so I don’t get distracted. That means that I have to have practically everything ready the night before; even my lunch (unless something needs refrigerating). I have everything set out for the next morning so that all I have to do is wake up (which is the usual problem for me). But what happens when I forget to set the timer for the coffee? That’s going to mess up my schedule in the morning for sure.

Welcome everyone to the neatest invention I have come across in a long time; coffee in a cube. No, not a cubical, but in the shape of a cube. All those aromas of a freshly brewed cup of coffee packed into a neat little cube and all we have to do is drop it into a steaming cup of water. And, there’s your coffee!

Say hello to Jiva Coffee Cubes sweetened with Panela Brown Sugar. Now I bet many of you are saying right now that what’s so special about this because it just sounds like another attempt of making instant coffee, this time in cubes. But, it’s so much more than that and I will explain why.

These cubes are made strictly from the bold rich flavor of Columbian coffee and sweetened by Panela Brown Sugar. The coffee is made strictly from the National Association of Coffee Farmers without any additional additives or chemicals and is bought from Free Trade coffee bean farmers. That was a big plus for me!

I was so excited to try out these cubes that the moment they arrived, the hot water pot was already boiling away. I grabbed my favorite mug, plopped in one coffee cube (one or two cubes can be used, depending on one’s taste) and just relished in the aroma of a good, bold cup of coffee. And, the taste was just as remarkable. I was so excited that I could now just throw a couple of Jiva coffee cubes into my lunch bag and enjoy an afternoon coffee break.

Jiva coffee also makes flavored coffee cubes, hot chocolate cubes and decaffeinated coffee cubes. Just about everything for everyone’s taste. Why not check out their website at: and order some Jiva Coffee Cubes. I know you will be happy you did!

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