Making Roll-On Luggage Easier

A look at Train Reaction Luggage Stabilizer

Even though I brag about packing lightly, being willing to face any journey with
a backpack and a credit card, it’s not always that easy. Before the introduction
of roll-aboard luggage, the bags with wheels that fit in overhead carriers, only
the flight crews had them. It helps a little to have a handle and wheels, but
with multiple bags, it’s a juggling act.

Nowadays, I take camera equipment and laptop
everywhere – that takes a backpack all to itself. Add a bag for clothes… another
bag for the gifts that go with me or purchases that come back…. A bag for the
food that is no longer provided on the airliner. Add that much all over again
for my wife’s stuff. And if for some reason we have children in tow, there’s all
of their stuff. Now imagine dragging all of that through the airport.

The folks at Train Reaction sent me a device that makes joining rolling bags
together quick and easy. Many rolling bags have straps for that purpose, but
where those straps are absent or just won’t reach, the Train Reaction luggage
stabilizing device works wonders.

The process is fairly simple. Extend the handle on the smaller bag and place
the device over the handle. Run the hooked end through the riveted handle of the
larger bag, then flip it back onto itself, locking the hook back on the device.

With a strap, you’re stuck with keeping your train tilted, meaning you might
be stretched out, blocking walking paths and making a nuisance of yourself. Now
this is where the Train Reaction is superior to an ordinary strap – it can
actually slide up and down the handle of the smaller bag, letting you stand the
bags up or tilt them back as needed.

The Train Reaction is made in America and is available online at for less than $20.

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