Magnificent Ears With Just One Clip

A look at ear rings from Crazy4Clips

Dressing up for a special occasion can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. If you are like me and don’t really have a sense of what looks good and what doesn’t then you would know what I mean when I say “overwhelming. I can usually find the right necklace, but have problems selecting the right earrings. I have pierced ears with 3 separate holes and don’t always want to use three different earrings. Sometimes, I just would prefer a simple touch of elegance for my ears with only one pair or earrings.

Crazy for Clip On earrings contacted me about trying out some of their handcrafted and elegant earrings. I wasn’t sure about clip-ons since I have pierced ears but, I figured I would try them out anyways. Before I tried on the earrings, I wanted to learn more about the company and its designer. I learned that the artist, who’s name is Barbara, has a tremendous passion to create and personify the desires of today’s woman when it comes to accessories. She figured that women crave elegance in their hearts and wanted to express that to everyone.

With that in mind, Barbara created an abundance of earrings that would suit every woman’s needs. And, she chose clip-ons as opposed to pierced because of accessibility; clip-ons usually don’t have such a variety of styles that pierced earrings do. There are many people that don’t have pierced ears that would like to wear earrings but can’t because there aren’t those many sold in stores!

Crazy4Clipons is the place to shop for a beautiful, uniquely designed pair of earrings. They offer a huge selection of clip on earrings that would dazzle the everyday woman. I caroused their store on line and was amazed at the quantity of earrings that were painstakingly designed by Barbara. There was the Bohemian, the Chandelier, and the Dangles /Drop, Ethnic, the Funky/Fun, the Hoops, the and finally, the Teardrops. Who would have thought that earrings could come in so many styles!

Not only is there a huge variety of styles, but there are many different kinds of materials that can be used in making the earrings, such as: brass, copper, pearls, monotone, gold-filled, glass, Lucite, gem-stones pearls, crystal and wood. I’m not done yet because, not only can you choose the material and style, but also you can decide on the theme (Birthdays, Valentines, Zodiac, etc) and of course, color. I’ve shopped in many different stores over the years and I don’t ever remember seeing such a huge selection or earrings.
Now came the test; wearing these clipons and seeing how they felt. And, how they would compliment my outfits. I was sent two different styles of earrings that were perfect for me; simple, but elegant. The first pair was the Elegant White Pearl Earrings made of silver and pearls and the second pair was quite similar in style to the first pair, but red and made from a gold tone material. For comfort, there were small white cushiony pads to soften the attachment, which I definitely needed.

I wore these earrings to work instead of a special event. I was expecting my ears to be tore and tender after 6 hours of teaching but instead, it was if I wasn’t wearing them at all. They were that comfortable! I kept them on till later in the evening when I take all my jewelry off before retiring for the night. I decided that I would wear them again the next day to see how they felt. I had the same experience; they felt as light as a feather and this day, I even got some compliments on how stylish they were (my co-workers know that I usually wear pretty outrageous earrings so this was new to them). I told them to check out the website and see for themselves.

As far as pricing, Crazy 4 Clipons are pretty reasonable, ranging anywhere from below $30 to above $100. The variety is incredible so I know anyone would be able to find something to purchase without any problems. I would definitely recommend Crazy 4 Clips to every woman that wants to express herself in just about any way possible. One more thing, they also make pierced earrings. Crazy 4 Clipons……Thank you!

For more information, please visit their website at: Way to go!

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