Just Talking

An anniversary for just the two of us

Every year, people try to find something new and exciting to do for their wedding anniversay. There are so many wonderful and fantastic places to go in Rhode Island, what would one choose to do? How about a wonderful dinnner at McCormick’s and Schmick’s, or a movie at the IMax theater? Or, a play in Providence, a day at Newport beach, a picnic at Colt State Park? How about a stroll along Water Place Park, or a drive along our fantastic waterfront in Newport or South County?

Well, Paul and I decided to do none of the above.

It was our first wedding anniversay and we really did want to do something different and memorable. We decided we would spend the day talking to one another — something hard to do when you are raising three grown sons and two half-grown puppies.

It started early, before the kids woke up, with a cozy breakfast of cinnamon toast and juice, then a slow, lazy morning, sitting alone in our house, and talking to one another. Just talking.

We were slightly distracted by our surroundings, so we decided to go out and enjoy the hot, steamy weather. I suggested that we should head to Beavertail to read our vows to one another, since we had ad-libbed them on our wedding day. Our new puppies joined us on our outing, to help in the celebration. We talked and talked all the way to Beavertail, Jamestown, where we had been married.

The drive was mellow, with the 99 degree sweltering weather, the air conditioning blasting, and the two puppies trying to steal the limelight.

The park was peppered with many visitors there enjoying the beautiful scenery and catching some rays. The cool ocean breeze swept through our hair and small drops of sweat found their way down our foreheads as we walked, hand and hand, to the place where we exchanged our vows. Our puppies had managed to entangle themselves around our feet, but we were engrossed in our readings. A passerby commented on how cute our puppies were, but we just kept reading.

Afterward, the puppies wanted a taste of the ocean, so we climbed down the rocks. Or should I say they pulled us down the rocks? I enjoyed myself immensely, as I watched my husband chase the puppies through the seaweed.

Getting hungry, we headed to town for a bite. We found a little deli that was about to close, but we were able to get a reuben, and had it cut in half so we could share. We talked some more, as we sat on a nearyby bench, watching the sailboats careen along the ocean, and eating our sandwiches.

It was time to head home, and we talked about how special this lazy day was, but the nite was still young, so we decided to spend it, talking some more!

My husband had arranged for an overnite stay at a B&B, and we brought our own food to eat, so we wouldn’t have to leave the room.

With no distractions, no TV, no phones, just the two of us, what was there to do? We talked and talked and talked, and ate, and talked, and drank soda, and talked some more. No waiters to interrupt us during our supper, no movies to keep us silent and wrapped up in someone else’s story, none of the unstopping distractions of home; just the two of us, alone, in a perfectly romantic setting, and we talked.

It was the most wonderful way we could possibly have spent our first anniversary, and we wouldnt have spent it any other way. Just talking………..really!

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