In Finnish Lapland, the Sámi Spring is Filled with Events

Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sámi, inhabit the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. In Finland, the Arctic tribe and its culture are celebrated with various events throughout the year, and a cluster of them take place during Lapland’s sunny and snowy spring.
St. Mary’s Day celebrations are an old Sámi tradition and a highlight of the cultural year. This year, the event is held on March 23rd – 25th in Hetta village. More information at

Saami Ski Race is the northernmost cross country ski marathon in the world. On April 1st, 500 competitors race from Enontekiö in Finland to Kautokeino in Norway, both central villages in the Sámi cultural area. More information at
The Reindeer Championship Races are the highlight of the reindeer racing year. Taking place on March 31st – April 1st on the ice of Lapland’s biggest lake, Lake Inari, 2012 marks the 60th jubilee for the event. To honor the anniversary there will be other Sámi and reindeer-related happenings during the races; a lassoing contest, market stalls with handicrafts and local food and, obviously, reindeer.
Race-related information requests:
The Reindeer Races coincide with the grand opening week of Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, and Sámi colors will be proudly sported.
Sajos and general Sámi culture inquiries:
Enontekiö Ice Fishing Week is a series of ice fishing competitions around the Enontekiö municipality. Held between April 21st – 28th, the weather is usually clear and sunny with plenty of snow (and ice!) left in the area. More information at the “True” Lapland website or from Sirpa Mannela at Enontekiö Travel:
Saami Snowboard Race will be held in Hetta village on March 31st. Local ski resort Hetta Hiihtomaa answers information requests via e-mail:
Event-specific photos can be requested directly from persons and e-mail addresses mentioned above.
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