Images of a North Country Autumn

Poetic Thoughts, Driving along Route 102

Beautiful Scituate and Burrilville and Foster and Gloucester and Chepachet and so many more little towns and cities that are scattered throughout the northern area of Rhode Island make a drive in the country ever so inviting. Slipping down Route 102, you can see the autumn arena right before your eyes.


Pumpkins are displayed on front doorsteps with giant cornstalks lining the pathways to homes. The smell of apple pie creeps into the air while you’re coasting along the road making thoughts of warm, luscious apples draped in a flaky pastry crust and drizzled with ice cream.

Painted landscapes line the hillsides leading into the misty skyline. Billowing smoke from local farmhouses captures your attention, as you want more of this beautiful day. The road is long and narrow, but the serenity of the autumn day and its colorful antics makes the drive worth the extra few miles.

The Scituate reservoir is filled with sparkling water from the cool rainy days. Vivid foliage outline the beautiful reservoir, its waters touch still a mystery to those who pass by.

Roadside stands with fresh apples plucked by the owners line the roadway while scarecrows and brightly colored mums adorned many driveways and gardens. A man could be seen weeding his lawn while rain dripped from his tattered rain hat.

These small but wonderful towns and cities are bursting with laughter and joy in the autumn season. Tiny shops litter the roadways while tourists dash for the nearest ‘general store’ to grab a local sale or two. The Scituate Art Festival is nearing its festive day when local artisans display their handiwork.

The trees are painted their natural festive colors and the aroma of apple cider sifts through your nostrils as you make your way through the fair grounds.

Northern Rhode Island is just down right beautiful. Its antique décor of richly embellished homes of old Swampers are strewn throughout the countryside.

There are so many local restaurants that feature good old home cooking that it’s so hard which one to choose to satisfy your hunger. Savoring the flavor of chicken potpie and meatloaf makes you to never want to leave this quiet little countryside. Or, sipping a cup of tea with local honey while sampling a piece of apple pie might just require a stay in a local Bed and Breakfast all the more tempting.

You don’t have to travel to New Hampshire to get a glimpse of Mother Nature doing her artwork in the fall. You can witness the burst of color, the taste of home cooked meals and the sale of a lifetime just by visiting northern Rhode Island in the autumn.

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