Hold On to Your Seat Belts!

Trying out the Seatbelt Bag

Ever wonder what happens to seat belts once a car is retired from its driving days? Ok, probably not, but can you imagine using seat belts from those retired vehicles and making a really super, extra durable custom-made bag? Well, I couldn’t imagine anything like that until I was asked to sample one of these ‘seatbelt’ bags and see for myself what all the talk was about.

I am always on the looking for those ‘out-of-the-ordinary things’ that others tend to ignore. Plus, I am always, always, always looking for anything that can be reused, is made from reusable sources, and beyond creative! That’s why I just had to let everyone know about this great travel product!

Just a little background on how this idea emerged will make you giggle. The concept for the seatbelt bag was formulated in 1997 when Dana and Melanie were installing seatbelts into their 1950 Buick, getting it ready for their wedding. They happened upon the idea of making a matching handbag, made from seatbelts, for Melanie. It seemed that everyone Melanie knew thought it was such a great idea and she and Dana should make more. What started out as a fun and whimsical idea turned into a lucrative business for the both of them. Wha La…..Harveys Retails Stores featuring non other than, the Seatbelt Bag!

My bag arrived in a medium sized box so I figured it was probably average in size, give or take some packaging and what not. Not! The bag measured 15”L x 13”H x 5”W. Pretty large if you ask me. The tote was one Melanie’s favorite designs, featuring a navy blue background with sketches of Melanie’s ‘favorite things’ in white. The handles highlighted the bag with their shiny bright red color and nickel metal hardware. There was a zippered top, two internal slip pockets (1) 4.5″X5″ & (1) 2″X5″ and one internal zip pocket 7″X5″ . Big enough to carry a weekend get-a-way belongings!

I could not believe how durable this bag was! I could stand on it and pull as hard as I could on the handles and nothing, absolutely nothing happened (except for aches and pains in my rotator cuff). Durable beyond durable! In addition, it really isn’t that heavy either. I thought it would be, considering how seat belts are made so tightly. They have to be made that way since they are supposed to protect us while traveling.

I had to check out their website to see what other styles, colors and unique ideas they figured out for these seat belt bags. They carry anything from wallets and bags right up to pet collars and leashes. Can you imagine to finally being able to walk your dog and NOT have to worry about him/her chewing through their leash! They are that durable!

There are absolutely so many patterns, colors and creative thinking that it would be really hard to not find something that would suit anyone’s style! Prices range from $28 (for example, one of their totes) up to over $200 (superbly crafted bags of all kinds). Some may consider the cost of these bags to be a little bit expensive but remember, seat belts are beyond durable, easy to care for and can hold a pretty large capacity. They are definitely worth the price.

I would definitely suggest visiting there website: http://seatbeltbags.com to check out their collections and find out more about their unique “Seat Belt Bags”. I’m glad I did!

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