Hold it with a Shouldit

A scarf with hidden pockets

I just hate carrying a purse; absolutely hate it! It is always slipping off my shoulder when I am walking somewhere and then it flops in front of me and I get all tangled up and, more than I can say, frustrated! Or, struggling at the checkout line trying to shove everything back into my purse in order and not hold up the line at the same time. More stress.

And, don’t suggest I wear one of those ‘fanny packs’ because I won’t. I don’t mind carrying a backpack but then again, I tend to overstuff it with things like slippers, tons of makeup, notebooks… as they say, the bigger the bag the more stuff that goes in it. I don’t want to break my back carrying all of my ‘necessary’ stuff, but I also don’t want a purse that keeps sliding off my shoulder.

Say hello to ‘Sholdit”, the wrap/clutch purse; something that actually makes sense to me! Imagine having a scarf that can also be a purse at the same time. The manufacturers of Sholdit developed a scarf that has a zipper along the inside seam that can hold a cell phone, keys, wallet or whatever is important for a quick visit to the store. Or, the “Sholdit” scarf would be something to take along when traveling. Not having to worry when traveling about someone stealing your purse with all your money and belongings is another remarkable thing about the “Sholdit”.

I had a chance to sample the “Sholdit” scarf for a review. I received a navy blue scarf which was made from 100% rayon material. The material seemed very durable and felt like it h ad a crepe feeling to it. The zipper pocket was quite large which actually amazed me. I was expecting a smaller pocket and not roomy at all. I have to say I was a little skeptical at first about putting my belongings in the pocket but I just couldn’t imagine everything fitting in it. My wallet is large so that didn’t fit, but my keys and cell phone did.

Next, I wrapped the scarf around my neck wearing it in a loop like fashion as I usually do with scarves. Having my cell phone it the pocket didn’t bother me at all but since I carry many keys on my key chain, it did feel a bit heavy around my neck. I feel that the “Sholdit” scarf would work well for someone who does not carry a large wallet or many keys, as it might feel a bit heavy around the neck.

However, I made my scarf into a body bag, the one that you throw over one shoulder and it hangs under the opposite arm. This worked great for me using it this way, especially if I didn’t want to use it as a scarf. I also liked the fact that it can be turned into a purse at any time, and a quite fashionable one at that. It is so lightweight that even putting the scarf tucked into the zipper with my keys and cell phone, (and even some lip gloss), did not feel bulky at all. It worked out great!
I would definitely recommend checking out their website to find out more information about this fantastic product. Pricing ranges from $29 – $79. Please visit their website at: www.sholdit.com.

I know you will find just the right one!

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