Hiking in the Sand

Oakland Beach offers exercise, scenery, and fun

When you think of hiking, you usually think of an outdoor adventure through a thick, densely wooded area, requiring adequate clothing, boots, insect repellent, a back pack, and water. You might have to climb over tree limbs, roots and rocks to make your way and eventually you come out back where you started. But what about a different type of hike that doesn’t invovle all of that?


Ever hike along the beach, where you are constantly faced with the challenge of trudging through the sand wearing flip flops and dodging the waves so your shoes don’t get wet? Or, chasing the wind while the sun is beating down on your body as you run through the sand , stopping to pick up a shell or two along the way. ell, before thinking negatively about it, try a long, strenuous walk along the beach and see how your demeanor changes.

Oakland Beach in Warwick, RI, can provide you with the kind of activity that will keep your senses alive. Located in the South Central area of Warwick on Greenwich Bay, this densely populated community of small cottages and beach can accommodate all kinds of interests and activities. Once the “rougher part of Warwick”, this small community has really turned itself around, providing the hiker/walker with fantastic views of the ocean, while the cool breeze gently strokes your shoulders as you begin your walk.

You can start at the west end of the beach, the part called by some old timers “Amygis Beach”. It’s a bit more remote and less populated than the public beach area itself. There is adequate parking and easy access to the beach from many different paths. Starting there, you may encounter some rocks and debris from a once upon a time old railroad that connected Oakland Beach to its neighboring communities. There is also a paved walking path or bike path if you’d rather have a bit shorter route and less exertion. I like walking in the sand because it gives me a real workout.

There are also some jettys that you can clamber out on that will let you escape the sand, capturing the suns rays as it caresses the water. When it is low tide, some sand bars appear stretching out into the water that is accessible by foot, but you have to have adequate foot wear to do this (not flip flops as they get stuck in the wet sand). Stay on the sand until you get to the public part of the beach and continue on over the jetty to another private area. You can continue
on the beach and finish up at the marshy side, or, you can turn around and walk back again, and by doing that, you will have walked a mile approximately. Or, you
can leave the beach and walk around the surrounding park which will also give you a decent walk/hike.

After that workout, stop by at Iggy’s roadside restaurant and try some delicious clam cakes and chowder. Or, if seafood isn’t your taste, there is always pizza,
hotdogs and other sandwiches available. Maybe try some dancing or kerioke at one of the local hangouts and get cooled off with an icy cold Sam Adams Ale afterwards.

Better yet, try Top of the Bay and be treated to one of the finest meals in town. Evem from the restaurant’s lower level, you’ll be able to see the Jamestown bridge and the lighted Newport beach at night, providing a more romantic type of atmosphere.

Oakland Beach really is a pleasant place to be these days and if you’re up to some outdoor activity, head on over to the beach before the icy chill of winter
sets in. You won’t be disappointed!

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